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Three Reasons We Love "Once Upon a Small Town"!

South Korean telecommunications app giant KakaoTV has adapted a popular web novel series Accidental Country Diary into a fun innocent drama Once Upon a Small Town! A story about a big city veterinarian who relocates to a small village against his will and befriends a local policewoman with dreams of escaping as soon as possible is one comedic drama you don't want to miss! Here are three reasons why we love this drama!

Park Soo Young & Choo Young Woo star in "Once Upon a Small Town" (KakaoTV)
Park Soo Young & Choo Young Woo star in "Once Upon a Small Town" (KakaoTV)

1. Cute Innocent Characters

Han Ji Yul (Choo Young Woo School 2021) is a veterinarian working in Seoul when his grandfather gives him a call to come to Heedong Village, where he runs a veterinary hospital. Ji Yul's grandfather doesn't mention any specifics so Ji Yul is clueless once he arrives. While at the village, Ji Yul begrudgingly befriends a local policewoman, Ahn Ja Young (Park Soo Young or Joy from Red Velvet). Ja Young grew up in Heedong Village and seems to be friends with all the locals. The two strike a love/hate relationship at first which develops into something more as they get to know each other.

Lee Sang Hyeong (Baek Sung Chul Inspector Koo 2021) is Ja Young's childhood friend and an amazingly cute young farmer. He hides his true feelings for Ja Young, but as soon as he sees Ji Yul spending more time with her, decides to step up and tell her his feelings for her.

Baek Sung Chul stars as Lee Sang Hyeong in "Once Upon a Small Town" (KakaoTV)
Baek Sung Chul stars as Lee Sang Hyeong in "Once Upon a Small Town" (KakaoTV)

The three instantly form a love triangle with the awkwardness of high school teenagers as they come together to solve the mundane everyday problems of the town.

2. Situational Comedic Moments

This lighthearted drama has so many situational comedic moments such as a minor burglary by a local high schooler which ends up in an inter-town rivalry between the towns' spokeswomen. Or perhaps Ji Yul dealing with the neighbor's son letting himself into Ji Yul's house without permission. These small everyday but hilarious character interactions definitely have us nodding in agreement!

3. Animals Animals Animals!

If you're an animal lover or just love farm animals, this drama is for you! With Ji Yul being a veterinarian, you're bound to see the cutest farm animals in every episode! Each episode deals with the town's livestock or pets, so sit down with your pet and enjoy this drama!

Let us know if you love this drama as much as we do! Would you like to see more of these feel-good comedies? Write your comment below!


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