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Top 5 Lee Jung Jae Roles You Must Check Out!

Lee Jung Jae made history by winning the 2022 Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for Squid Game. This made the actor gain international fame and stardom! With the award, he became the first actor in a non-English-language series to win the category. It is worth remembering that the Korean Netflix series received two other statuettes on the night, including Best Director in a Drama Series by Hwang Dong-hyuk.

Lee Jung Jae was born on December 15, 1972, in Seoul where he also grew up. He graduated from Dongguk University with a Masters in Theater and Film. The actor started his career in 1993 with his first role in Dinosaur Teacher. He soon became a star, landing starring roles quickly after his debut.

Curious to know a little more about the characters made by Lee Jung Jae? Check out this super amazing list about this actor!

1. Lee Han in The Young Man

This was Jung Jae's first role in his career. His debut came in 1994 in the film The Young Man, directed by Bae Chang Ho. The good reviews he received for his performance made the actor's career take off, bringing him great popularity.

2. Baek Jae Hee in Sandglass

In 1995, what was supposed to be a small supporting role as the heroine's silent and devoted bodyguard in the ratings giant Sandglass, turned Lee into a national heartthrob. His screen time also increased throughout the series.

3. Hoon in The Housemaid

In 2010, he again won critical acclaim for starring in the erotic thriller The Housemaid. The film was a huge success and was nominated for the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival, in addition to earning Lee Jung Jae some nominations for Korean awards.

4. Jang Tae Joon in Chief of Staff

In 2018, Lee returned to television with his first drama in a decade, the JTBC Chief of Staff political drama alongside Shin Min Ah, where he plays a political advisor.

5. Seong Gi Hun in Squad Game

In September 2021, he starred as Seong Gi-hun, the main protagonist of the Netflix survival drama Squid Game. Series creator and director Hwang Dong-hyuk said that he chose to cast Lee as Gi Hun to "destroy his charismatic image portrayed in his previous roles". In the series, Gi Hun is a down-on-his-luck gambler who is recruited to play in a number of childhood deadly games (including "Red Light, Green Light", "Marbles", "Tug of war" and the eponymous Squid game) for a big cash prize and ultimately becomes the winner of the game. The production has become a worldwide phenomenon, taking first place in every country where streaming was available. The actor was also nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series, winning and becoming the first Korean to win that award.

The career of this talented actor is incredible! Did you already know any of these characters? Or were you curious to know? Let us know about it!


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