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Top 5 Most Memorable Moments From "Fantasy Boys" Premiere!

The premiere for "Fantasy Boys" received the highest 2023 survival show ratings! According to Nielsen Korea, the MBC show beat out rival survival show "Boys Planet" with 0.6% of the national viewership just edging out its competition of 0.3%! Much like the format from the first episode of Produce 101 (2017), 55 boy trainees compete for the final 12 members of a debut group. Here are our top 5 most memorable moments for the premiere!

Max Changmin (TVXQ) hosts "Fantasy Boys" every Thursday at 22:00 KST (MBC)
Max Changmin (TVXQ) hosts "Fantasy Boys" every Thursday at 22:00 KST (MBC)

5. Nam Jin Myung and Kang Dae Hyeon battle it out to see who's the manliest.

Let's start off with a sizzling competition between Nam Jin Myung and Kang Dae Hyeon who both claim to be the "manliest" contestants and tried to prove to the judges with their strong fierce dance moves! In the end, it was Kang Dae Hyeon who proved to be the better dancer! Do you agree?

4. K-Soul Claims to be the "prettiest".

K-Soul proved that he wanted to be the center of attention by bringing a mirror to the show and constantly checking his makeup and lip gloss while waiting for his turn. When partnered with Hikaru to compete in front of the judges, K-Soul did a great job proving to everyone that not only is he the "prettiest", but also should be respected for his elegant dance moves!

3. Hong Sung Min's performance shows why he should be considered to be one of the top contestants for the Top 12!

In a dramatic and amazing performance, Hong Sung Min proved that he belonged in the Top 12 by creating an emotionally charged dance routine dressed all in black! He looked like an experienced K-pop star with his precise dance choreography and amazing facial expressions!

2. Hikaru's most perfect performance!

Japan's fencing star, Hikaru, proved to best the best "K-pop" dancer on the show so far! Along with his strong and fierce dance choreography, his top-tier Korean language skills showed that he really wanted to be a star with only 3 years of learning Korean online! We also believed he was the best dancer from the first episode!

1. Kim Woo Seok's red mittens exploding with cuteness!

As the first contestant to be introduced in the program, we can't help but mention that Kim Woo Seok's red mittens really did steal the show! His cute energy and relatively good dance performance left an everlasting memory in the judges' minds as they were going through the program! We hope that Kim Woo Seok will continue to grow into an all-around performer on the show and express his cuteness again!


Yu Jun Won impresses everyone with his handsome and cute side!

When introduced to everyone, the first impression was "Wow, he's so cute!" As Yu Jun Won showed his charm, he proved that he can also have a handsome side as well!

Oh Hyeon Tae dazzles in a cool hip-hop routine!

Oh Hyeon Tae proved that the youngest (16 years old) should not be overlooked as his cool "manly" hip hop style choreography proved to be much better than his older counterparts! He definitely proved to everyone that he deserves to be on the show and should be taken seriously by the competition!

Si Ryu gives an epic emotional dance routine.

16-year veteran Si Ryu showed his maturity and hard work as his emotionally charged dance routine was one of the best of the night! He moved the audience with his facial expressions and solid dance performance that even made the judges take a step back!

So what was your favorite moment from episode 1? What are you looking forward to the most in the next episode? Let us know!


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