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Twice Rocks Out with "Queen of Hearts" Live!

Off their hot album release on August 26, Twice dropped their new "live" music video for "Queen of Hearts"! The new song off their comeback album "Between 1&2" shows the amazing vocal range of the K-pop stars by bringing in an early 2000s pop-rock sound!

Reminiscent of early 2000s pop-rock vibes, Twice even had the wardrobe to prove it in their new music video! Equipped with baggy jeans, cute rock-inspired arm sleeves, highlighted pink hair, and Avril Lavigne-styled garb, the group rocked their way into our playlists with their amazing dynamic vocals.

No fancy dance moves were needed as the girls proved how strong their vocal talents were! We love how simple the set was and how happy they all seemed to be singing live! How many of us still remember when we were in our own rock bands during high school? This music video just proved how precious our memories of our youth are!

Let us know your reaction to this music video! Which song are you looking forward to next from Twice?

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Yan Hao Tan
Yan Hao Tan
15 de fev. de 2023

OMG!!! Twice Is so gorgeous and beauty❤️Forever Twice Fans🥹

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