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"Welcome to Samdal-Ri": Scandals, Jeju, & lies! [Episode 1 Spoilers & Trailer]

Updated: Feb 20

Welcome to the News Center of Dramaland! Dojeon Media! If you're like us and love dramas you would have seen the latest drama Welcome to Samdal-ri which was released on December 2nd, 2023, and has aired two episodes so far!

Starring Shin Hye Sun (Cho Sam Dal) and Ji Chang Wook (Jo Yong Pil) as the main stars, this drama promises DRAMA! Based in Jeju Island and Seoul, it centers around the life of a woman (Sam Dal) whose dream was to leave Jeju, the "small stream" (check the quote below), and expand her horizons and future in the ever-busy city of Seoul. It also centers around a man (Yong Pil) who loves the "small stream" and enjoys his life in Jeju. In ep 1, we see tensions between them as flashbacks appear of them breaking up. Episode 1 introduces us to the main characters and shows us Sam Dal's career and life in Seoul, which seemingly looks perfect on the outside but is missing some important things: good friendships, relationships, and a general peace where she can feel like herself and truly express her emotions!

"개천에서 용 난다" - "A dragon rises up from a small stream."

Check out the trailer here:

The first episode has already managed to make us feel mad and upset with that crazy assistant of Sam Dal's, Bang Eun Ju (played by Jo Yun Seo) "attempt" to take her own life in a ploy to destroy Sam Dal as she is jealous of her fame and success. She even went as far as to seduce Sam Dal's boyfriend in an attempt to get under her skin but on the surface, Sam Dal doesn't show her real feelings. The assistant goes on to accuse Sam Dal of verbal abuse in the workplace just because she hadn't yet been able to work as a photographer after four years of being an assistant, but it seems Sam Dal worked even more! I feel like justice will prevail with the greedy assistant and as my partner says to awful K-Drama characters when they receive their comeuppance "You have to be like that, you deserve it".

Welcome to Samdal-Ri still
Welcome to Samdal-Ri still

Another thing, we are mad about is the fact that the assistant is defaming Sam Dal and Sam Dal is not revealing key information to the public (for example, the assistant cheating with Sam Dal's boyfriend) which could help in clearing Sam Dal's name!

We're fuming! Anyway, other notable characters include Sam Dal's two older sisters (played by Shin Dong Mi and Kang Mi Na) who are also being dragged into the spotlight of Sam Dal's "scandal" (because well if you know Korea, that's how it can be here). They are being dragged in and labeled as a divorcee and single mother! After the three sisters are trapped in their own home with the press lurking outside, they decide to go back home to Jeju and this is where the first episode ends!

Are you watching Welcome to Samdal-ri? What is standing out to you? Let us know in the comments below!

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I am watching this drama because I am a biggest fan of Ji Chang Wook. It is a good drama and makes me remember of lovestruck in the city , specially the location - Jeju Island and the van ,music.

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