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What can we learn about love in the finale of "My Demon"?

One of this winter season's hottest K-dramas, My Demon, has finally reached its finale! We talk about what we have learned about love by watching this sizzling romantic/supernatural series!

Claiming top awards for actor and actress in a miniseries for romantic/comedy, both Kim You Jung and Song Kang definitely displayed their talents in My Demon! You could even say that My Demon is a love story with supernatural undertones. As we finished this amazing series, we couldn't help but realize that all characters within this drama were longing to be loved and appreciated (including the side characters)!

Love comes in all forms and beings!

Despite being from different worlds, Do Do Hee and Jeong Gu Won won't let anyone, including God, stop their love! Do Do Hee came from a parentless household and was adopted by a chaebol (ultimately rich) family and Gu Won is a demon. Despite these differences in beings, they are still able to find love in their relationship. We can tip our hats to that!

If you pray hard enough, God will grant you your wish

We don't want to throw religion into this, but, according to the drama, Do Do Hee prayed and made a deal with God (the homeless woman) to bring back Gu Won into her life. Throughout the series, God/religion played a strong role in how the characters reacted to certain situations. Everyone needs a little bit of faith in their lives!

Christmas is for couples! (in Korea)

My Demon definitely proved that Christmas is for couples (in Korea)! If you haven't read our article explaining the details, read it here! In the West, we celebrate Christmas with our family and loved ones. Usually, we don't go out, but rather stay at home and enjoy the company of those around us. In Korea, not so much. Rather, young Korean couples like to spend the Holiday season together or with their close friends, but since Korean homes are much smaller than Western homes, Koreans tend to spend Christmas outside, usually at a cafe or restaurant, and sometimes at their homes.

Do Hee finally got her wish and got to spend her favorite holiday with Gu Won! In a very romantic gesture, Gu Won says, "Now I understand why you are excited about Christmas. You must be my Christmas. I get excited whenever I see you." (Oh the feels!) We also, think that this finale was a month too late, but hey, if you're in the mood, Christmas can be year-round!

Parental love is unconditional

Although we know that everyone knows this one, a parent's love is unconditional! For example, when Do Hee asks Gu Won about her father's wish, Gu Won explains that he sacrificed his life to save Do Hee's (just when her mother was in labor). Without hearing the conditions, Do Hee's father just accepted whatever consequence it might have been to save his daughter. (Tears)

For ten years, Do Hee's parents knew they had limited time together so they made wonderful and meaningful memories together! This brings us to say, "Spend more time with your parents!" You never know when they will be gone!

You too, can have a fairytale love ending!

If anything we've learned from this drama, everyone can have a fairytale ending, but it comes with a price! The individuals in the relationship must make sacrifices for that relationship to blossom and work! We're not saying that you need to give up your life per se. But making those mini daily sacrifices to make the other person happy is definitely a must! Do Hee and Gu Won's relationship has proved that it isn't perfect, but they are willing to make sacrifices for each other.

A feel-good ending!

All in all, My Demon was a great drama! There were ups and downs throughout the storyline and we all definitely shed some tears along the way! Comment below what was your favorite moment and what you enjoyed the most!


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