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10 Nostalgic Moments From "20th Century Girl"

Recently released on October 21, Netflix's original film 20th Century Girl has all the ingredients needed for those of us who constantly remember our high school days! Set in the year 1999 20th Century Girl follows the first love and friendships of 17-year-old high school student Na Bo Ra (Kim You Jung Lovers of the Red Sky 2021). Here are 10 nostalgic moments that take us back to the "good old days"! If you're too young to know what these are, here's a good lesson!

(From left) Park Jung Woo, Kim Yoo Jung, & Byeon Wook Seok star in "20th Century Girl" (Netflix)
(From left) Park Jung Woo, Kim Yoo Jung, & Byeon Wook Seok star in "20th Century Girl" (Netflix)

1. Pagers

Who can forget these "only the cool kids have them" gadgets? Remember when someone got a "page" they had to go to a pay phone or a landline in order to make a call? Or if someone wanted to send a text message, you could read it on your pager, but it would be difficult to send a text back since a pager didn't have an alphanumeric keypad! Standing in line for the pay phone really brought back those memories!

2. VHS Rentals

Back before the days of streaming platforms such as Netflix or Disney+, there were VHS tape rental shops! Renting a movie usually costs $1 - $3 per night and had to be returned the next day. There was no such thing as downloading a movie. Remember the adult section of the shop? Teenagers used to sneak into those sections to take a look at the 18 and over movies. Seeing Bo Ra get flustered at sneaking an adult VHS tape to school made us reminisce about those days!

3. Cassette players

Before CD players there were cassettes! These babies required some skill if you were to fast forward or rewind to your favorite song or section of a song. But boy were they durable! They could get wet in the rain or dropped multiple times and still would work like a charm! Did you make a playlist for your first crush?

4. Camcorders

Before the digital revolution, there were VHS tapes and mini recording tapes that were put inside these huge gigantic square blocks of plastic technology. As the basis for 20th Century Girl, Bo Ra uses her school's camcorder to record Baek Hyun Jin (Park Jung Woo) for her best friend. Does anyone remember shooting their first mini-film for a school project?

5. Dance Dance Revolution

Who doesn't know DDR? This arcade game basically revolutionized how teenagers hung out at the malls! Who remembers DDR battles between dance crews? 20th Century Girl really did a great job capturing the essence of the youth during those times!

6. Desktop Computers

If you didn't know before laptops and mobile phones existed, there was a prehistoric dinosaur known as the personal computer aka the desktop computer. These puppies not only changed the way most people worked but also how humans were able to communicate with each other! The introduction of the internet really led the way to how messaging apps are structured today! Who still remembers their first AOL screen name?

7. Oversized Jerseys

Remember when Ecco, Tommy Hilfiger, and Sean Jean were what all the cool kids were wearing? All of these brands had one thing in common, bigger was better! Oversized and baggy clothing was in and whoever could put the best fit together, had the most "swag". Are you digging into your closet yet? Maybe your high school clothes are in the back!

8. Bucket Hats

A nod to urban culture made this fashion accessory one of the hottest trends during the late 90s and early 2000s. Rappers like LL Cool J and Eminem also sported Kangol bucket hats! Do you still have yours?

9. Scrunchies

This hair accessory has stood the test of time. Even today, girls are seen using it to tie up their hair! But remember when girls used to not wear it on their head, but more on their wrists? It was definitely an "it" thing!

10. Casio digital watches

For all the guys (and some girls) reading this, do you remember that if you didn't own a silver or gold digital watch, you weren't cool enough? This accessory was definitely a status symbol on campus! Although the watch strap has changed, the digital part hasn't changed much with smart watches these days!

What do you think about our top ten nostalgic moments from 20th Century Girl? Does it bring back memories? Did we leave anything out? Let us know how this movie made you feel! We want to hear what you think!


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