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What’s wrong with Su Min? ("Marry My Husband" Webtoon vs drama comparison!) [Spoilers Beware!]

Updated: Feb 20

I was finally able to get on the bandwagon of Marry My Husband. I had been eagerly waiting to start watching after I had read the Webtoon! This article will take a look into the Webtoon and K-Drama versions of Su Min to understand what's truly wrong with her!

K-Drama Vs. Webtoon Su Min

K-Drama Villains

If you're not new to K-drama, characters with personalities similar to Su Min will not be unusual to you. The standard K-Drama villain depicts selfishness, delusion, and is often just downright crazy. Another very common trait that 99% of K-Drama villains portray is that of never seeing the wrong they do and blaming absolutely everyone else for their own actions and the subsequent consequences.

Su Min is no different, she seeks revenge on Jiwon for Jiwon's mother and Su Min's father cheating and ruining their family. Su Min inherently blames Jiwon and wants Jiwon to be as miserable as her. There is also a heavy essence of jealousy, Su Min is envious of the relationship Jiwon has with her father.

Obsession vs. Psychopath

In the Webtoon, Su Min just seems overall like a hateful and psychotic person, but in the drama, she seems more twisted. Alongside her obvious hatred for Ji Won comes this obsession and longing to be by her side and take revenge for not Ji Won's actions but her mother's. Webtoon Su Min just hated Ji Won for their parent's affair and it was quite clear that her goal was: plain and simple revenge.

Su Min jealous of the love Jiwon and her father share

In the drama however, it seems like Su Min wants to be Ji Won or take everything Ji Won has and seems to have fixated her hate for her because she still had the love of her father and this was something that she could not take from Jiwon (this part is similar to the Webtoon). She admits to Jiwon in Ep 12. that she "never liked" her, but constantly wants to keep Jiwon by her side and have Jiwon protect her. We're confused.

Even in Ep. 10 when she tells Jiwon she is pregnant with Minhwan's child - she expects Jiwon to be understanding and in essence still loving towards her. The same goes for the lake scene in Ep. 8 she was happy that Jiwon jumped in to save her and would rather they die together. Is her obsession really about Jiwon or is it just about having someone who would do anything for her? Or has the hate she had for Jiwon changed into some sort of warped version of admiration for Jiwon? There are so many twisted layers to the K-Drama version of Su Min in comparison to the Webtoon version.

Does K-Drama Su Min have a sort of mental imbalance? And is webtoon Su Min simply a sociopath? What do you think?

I guess we will have to wait to see in the next few episodes!

Stay tuned for more Marry My Husband content! Comment below with your thoughts on Jeong Su Min!



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