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[K-food] What was Jungkook eating while camping?

The Golden Maknae Jeon Jungkook was on a camping trip recently near the beach in Goseong, South Korea.

From setting up the RV and collecting water to cooking yummy dishes and missing playing with the firewood, Jungkook had taken ARMYs worldwide on his camping trip with him via his solo vlog.

BTS Jungkook camping vlog :

Today we're going to focus on the most famous Korean street food through Jungkook who is a big-time foodie!

Tornado Potato

Tornado potatoes (Korean: 회오리 감자; hoeori gamja), also called twist potatoes or tornado fries, is a popular street food in South Korea, and one of the trendiest food items to hit the streets recently. You can see people eating these delicious sticks in the popular tourist area, Myeongdong!

And this is how you can make it at home :

A tornado potato is skewered on a stick and cut thinly into the form of a tornado. The cut is thin enough for it to hold flavored powder, deep fry it in oil. Tornado Potatoes are ready, after making them, serve them hot and enjoy.

From Jungkook ( CAMPING VLOG )

Chicken Gangjeong

Chicken dakgangjeong, known locally as dakgangjeong, is a crispy double-fried chicken coated in a sweet and spicy sauce.

These crispy Korean chicken dakgangjeong nuggets are often confused with another Korean fried crispy chicken called yangnyeom chicken (양념치킨). The difference between those two recipes is that dakgangjeong uses small chicken pieces while the yangnyeom chicken recipe calls for bone-in fried chicken wings.

From Jungkook ( CAMPING VLOG )


Sotteok sotteok is a popular Korean street food, also it's one of the easiest Korean snacks to make.

“Sotteok” is: “so” from “sausage” and “tteok” from “garaetteok' (rice cake).

And this is how you can make it :

All you need are sausages, rice cakes, and skewers! Alternate a sausage and rice cake and you're all set to cook over a grill! or pan!

From Jungkook ( CAMPING VLOG )

Sweet potato sticks

A popular American potato stick snack since 1935, they're known for their distinctive shape, flavor, and crunch!

This is the most popular video making Sweet potato you can see on YouTube :

Sweet potato fries taste great with spices and seasonings, but it's not healthier to eat it every day and considering it only vegetable choice in a day.

From Jungkook ( CAMPING VLOG )


Coffee would remain a good consumed by the upper classes until the introduction of instant coffee in Korea during the Korean War (1950 – 1953) by the U.S. military.

Instant coffee became widely available before and after the Korean War, and now, Koreans are one of the world's top caffeine consumers.

Check out our best coffee shops in Seoul :

Nowadays coffee in its various forms is sold by a wide range of cafes and stores and is arguably the most popular drink in Korea.

From Jungkook ( CAMPING VLOG )

Korean BBQ with kimchi

From pinterest

First, let's talk about Korean BBQ:

Korean barbecue (also abbreviated as Korean BBQ or KBBQ) refers to a method of cooking cuts of marinated meats. You can marinate the meat in a variety of flavors before grilling it.

Now let's talk about kimchi:

Kimchi is a traditional Korean food made of lacto-fermented peppers and vegetables, soaked in brine for several weeks until acidity develops where the processive fermentation kimchi has sour, salty, and flavors as well as a sharp acidity.

From Jungkook ( CAMPING VLOG )

Roasted marshmallow

From pinterest

Heating the marshmallow over the fire can make the sugar caramelize, a chemical reaction that produces the brown color and toasted flavor, but some people find marshmallow is tastier when they eat them raw, but it all depends on your preference.

From Jungkook ( CAMPING VLOG )


From pinterest

Ramyeon is one of South Korea's favored comfort foods, and Jungkook loves ramyeon. If nothing else just give him cup noodles and the singer is set!

These are some ways to enjoy Korean noodles :

Ramyeon refers to instant noodles with dried vegetables and artificial flavoring.

Sandwich with a cup of coffee again

From pinterest

Jungkook ended this with a sandwich with a cup of ( coffee or Juice ), as we know, sandwiches are a special meal for Koreans and these days, plenty of Koreans eat sandwiches for full meals, though, and there's a huge variety of sandwiches on the market.

If people don't have much time to eat, they often go with a burger or sandwich.

And this is a variety of sandwiches that you can make at home :

Sandwiches are gaining popularity in Korea because of Korea’s increased coffee consumption, and we can see Jungkookin his Vlog proves this.

Also, cafes on Korean streets are easy to find in many places.

From Jungkook ( CAMPING VLOG )

When I eat good food, I keep saying it’s good. My dad said I was always like that…I was always like ‘This is good, this is good!’
— Jungkook

Are you eating something delicious right now?

Don't forget to watch Jungkook’s full vlog here to get the taste of !

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