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Why Are These Shoes So Popular In South Korea?

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Walking down the uneven streets of the megacity that is Seoul, South Korea I've noticed one thing. Everyone is wearing the same black and white Nike dunks. Both women and men, boys and girls, are wearing these things. I thought to myself, "What's so special about these?".

The original release date for the Nike Dunk Low Retro White Black was on January 12, 2022 for ₩129,000 Korean Won or about $106 USD on online raffle sites like local store Kasina and Atmos Korea with online men's sizing. Later, there would be multiple drops for women and GS sizing as well. From then on, everyone was wearing these!

Fast forward two and a half months later and even more people are rocking these dunks. Why is it that this particular model and colorway has launched itself to the top of Korean street wear culture? Here are three reasons:

1. Koreans love trends!

If you've ever been to South Korea, you'll notice that trend come and go as quickly as Spring and Fall fashion lines. It may change as quickly as one year! Koreans are so quick to make something trendy, since social media platforms are used by over 70% of the population, majority of those being 30 years old and younger. If a local influencer is caught wearing something that catching someone's eyes, it will spread like wildfire on social media, and sooner or later, everyone will be wearing the same/similar type of clothing or style.

2. It's simplistic.

The black and white colorway is so simple that it is easy to wear. It matches with everything! Especially when young Koreans love to show off their style these days, having a pair of kicks that are trendy and goes with most outfits is definitely a winner.

Young Koreans rocking their Nike Dunks. Images via Kream App.

3. Everybody's on the Nike wave.

Speaking of trends on South Korea. Within the last seven to eight years, many Koreans have been jumping on the trend of Jordans and Nike. There weren't too many people that paid attention to hyped sneakers in 2014, but after 2015 and 2016, the trend exploded in Korea and drop sites and stores started carrying limited Jordans and Nikes. That's when many KPOP singers and rappers started rocking these types of sneakers and the monsoon, not the wave, began!

Let us know whether you rock with these or drop these! Comment and share your style down below! We would love to see how you would dress these up or down!


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