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Yoon Kye Sang Forms An Unusual Bond With His Abductee Daughter Yu Na in "The Kidnapping Day"

How far would you go to save your one and only terminally ill daughter? Yoon Kye Sang performs masterfully as a desperate dad doing whatever it takes to save his only child in his new drama The Kidnapping Day! We break down three reasons why you should be watching this intense heartwarming drama!

The main cast of "The Kidnapping Day" (ENA)
The main cast of "The Kidnapping Day" (ENA)

The Kidnapping Day proved to be a winner when it premiered on September 13, 2023, on ENA. With just two episodes in, the mystery, thriller, and black comedy drama captured our hearts as desperate father Kim Myeong Joon (Yoon Kye Sang The Outlaws 2017) has no choice, but to kidnap the daughter, Choi Ro Hee (Yu Na Green Mothers' Club 2022), of a successful doctor. Although awkward at first, the two form an unshakable bond, almost as strong as a real father-daughter relationship! This heart-warming drama had us in our "feels" as we witnessed tragedy and bad guys trying to ruin their relationship! Here are three reasons why The Kidnapping Day should be at the top of your fall watch list!

** Spoilers!

1. Heartwarming "father-daughter" bond

Still from episode 2 of "The Kidnapping Day" (ENA)
Still from episode 2 of "The Kidnapping Day" (ENA)

Unusual, but possible, Choi Ro Hee wakes up from an accident and cannot recall her name or who she is. Kim Myeong Joon, on a mission from his ex-wife Seo Hye Eun (Kim Shin Rok Moving 2023), has no choice but to kidnap Choi Ro Hee in return for the money he desperately needs for his daughter's bone marrow transplant. Built upon a lie, Ro Hee trusts Myeong Joon when he lies about being her father. The two form a heart-warming bond as we watch Myeong Joon struggle with his inner consciousness on whether his actions are justified.

2. Mystery, thriller, suspense!

Park Sung Hoon (left) plays a determined detective (ENA)
Park Sung Hoon (left) plays a determined detective (ENA)

Just two episodes in and there is already a sense of mystery and suspense as we find out why Myeong Joon's ex-wife chooses Ro Hee to be the abductee. Apparently, her parents cannot report her missing because she was abused! What a coincidence right? We are kept at the edge of our seats as a total stranger, a local street recycler, tries to kidnap Ro Hee in the middle of the night. Why and who sent him to do this? In addition, Myeong Joon is already feeling guilty about kidnapping Ro Hee so he tries to return her back to her parents, only to find out that their dead bodies are being carried out of their home!

3. The struggle between what is morally right and what is socially acceptable

Does the end justify the means? By kidnapping a random stranger's child, although she has been abused, the right thing to do in order to save your own child? What would you do if you were thrown in the same situation? We can't wait to see how the story unfolds and which characters are brought into the equation!

Let us know if The Kidnapping Day has you on the edge of your seat! What questions are you wondering about new exciting drama? Comment below!


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