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'The Roundup' On Track To Become Box-office Hit With Over 2.5 Million Moviegoers First Weekend!

SEOUL -- There aren't too many Korean movies that can attract moviegoers to theaters, especially during the pandemic. According to Yonghap News, it is the "first time in over two years a Korean film has attracted more than 2 million people on a weekend since the political drama "The Man Standing Next" (2019) with 2.01 million on the last weekend of 2020.

The Roundup (Zapzee)

'The Roundup' is the sequel to the 2017 hit comedy "The Outlaws" starring Don Lee (Eternals 2021) and Son Seok Koo (My Liberation Notes 2022). It is a story about Detective Ma Seok Do (Don Lee) traveling to Vietnam to extradite a Korean suspect but only to learn that there is a killer committing crimes against tourists for many years.

Marvel's "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness" came in second with 328,000 people over the weekend with total movie attendance of 5.47 million and the American animated film "The Bad Guys" placed third with 35,000 moviegoers.

Done Lee (Left) stars in The Roundup (Korean Herald)

Now that COVID restrictions have been lifted in many countries, which movies are you excited to go to next? Let us know!


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