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3 Looks That Are Perfect During This Transitional Season (Summer to Autumn)

Dressing up during this transitional season can be quite tricky, we don’t know if the temperature would be humid or chilly for the day, but worry not ‘cause we got you covered! Let’s start doing some wardrobe shopping and mix matching what we’ve got! Take note these looks are unisex appropriate.

Coat is a versatile piece for transitional weather.

1. The Denim Jacket Look

This versatile piece that most of us have in our closet will be our go-to piece this transitional season! It is definitely easy to pair with almost any piece in our wardrobe. During the warm summer season, it is common to wear cotton t-shirts or long sleeve button-down shirts because they are breathable, but during the transitional phase going to autumn, there are days that can be chilly so wearing a denim jacket will absolutely save you from that.

White long sleeves top and black pants with a denim jacket.

BTS's Jungkook with the denim on denim style (Big Hit Music)
BTS's Jungkook with the denim on denim style (Big Hit Music)

2. Smart casual to formal blazer look

If you are looking for an all-season appropriate staple piece of clothing then start styling your blazers into different looks ranging from smart casual to formal looks. Blazers also come with different materials so take into consideration what is weather appropriate and what also feels good to you. The key word here is appropriate!

Blazer and light wash jeans look.

Lee Min Ho with a monochromatic casual look (Pinterest)
Lee Min Ho with a monochromatic casual look (Pinterest)

3. Trench coat

Wearing a trench coat can elevate any basic look and make you look more sophisticated and put together. Whether you are in a hurry to leave your place or just want to experiment with a different look, pulling off a trench coat does wonders. Neutral-colored trench coats are the best because you can match them with anything from your wardrobe.

Skirt outfit with trench coat.

Turtle neck top and trench coat look.

What do you think of our style picks? Are you excited about the upcoming autumn season? Let us know what summer clothes are you still gonna wear during this transitional season phase!


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