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Korean-style Inspirations This Summer With These Simple Items From Your Wardrobe!

What are the trendiest Korean-inspired fashions from this summer? Take inspiration from the pieces of clothing that can be found in your wardrobe from our list!

Yeri in pink cardigan.

Sleeveless dress

Rose in a sleeveless dress.

This piece of clothing can come in different lengths, styles, and prints that can also be worn during colder seasons layered with long sleeves underneath it. But for summer you can wear it as it is or layer a tee or collared shirt underneath it or layer on top a cotton or linen cardigan for a breathable option!


Son Ye Jin in a light pink cardigan.

Are you opting for a modest summer look? Then, a knit cardigan made from thin material is your best friend! You can layer it over a tank top, shirt, or dress. Cropped ones are perfect to achieve a cute and aesthetic summer look. Cardigan will always be a classic piece that can be worn dressed down or up depending on the occasion.

Oversized Button-Down Shirts

Joy in an oversized button-down shirt.

A piece that most of us have can simply be transformed into any look that you want. From day look to night look, you can play with other pieces of clothing to put together an outfit. You can either pair it with slim trousers to balance out the looser top for a conservative and office type of look or denim pants for a more casual and laid-back look for summer.

With the few pieces mentioned, you can mix and match all of those and create different looks appropriate to the occasion and they are not hard to find or expensive. These pieces are good building blocks for creating looks that tailor your style. So what are you waiting for let's get started on closet shopping!

Have you found inspiration for your next outfits? Let us know what kind of outfit you will pull off!


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