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5 "Fantasy Boys" To Watch Out For After Episode 2!

Fantasy Boys wrapped up their second episode more successfully than its premiere with 0.9% of total nationwide viewership! Fans go to learn more about each member as the boys battled out to improve their current standings! Plus, global fans got to see who they voted for in the final rankings! We break down 5 boys that you should be on the watch for as the season progresses!

5. Hikari

During the group re-evaluations, Hikari impressed the judges and took the final spot to move up to Group 1! We feel that he has great potential to be one of the final contenders in the competition!

4. K-Soul

K-Soul finally gets his wish and gets bumped up to Group 1! With his amazing energy and precise dancing along with his smooth voice, K-Soul finally got what he deserved and joined the top of the class!

3. Santa

Santa wanted to prove to everyone and himself that he belonged at the top and proved it by practicing all night before the group re-evaluations, but wasn't recognized through his performance. He made some choreography mistakes and didn't have a strong singing performance. All that aside, Santa still became the most popular boy in the global fan vote!

2. Kim Gyu Rae

The youngest on our list Kim Gyu Rae is 15 years old. He is also one of the tallest, standing at 182 cm. The judges put him in Group 1 after saying that he had the most potential out of everyone but showed his inexperience in the group re-evaluations getting bumped down to Group 2. He struggled with voice control and dance choreography, but has unlimited potential! Let's see how high Gyu Rae can climb!

1. Moon Hyun Bin

Although being assigned to Group 3 initially, Moon Hyun Bin was able to show the judges his real talent during the group re-evaluations! He had great singing and was the first to receive a compliment in Grade 3! He redeemed his singing style and choreography at the revaluation and gets accepted into the group dorm! We're rooting for you Hyun Bin!

If you're curious about the final global fans voting, here are the results after the first-semester ranking ceremony!

So what do you think? Who are you following this season? Let us know!


Simping for K-Soul lmao

Jon Lui
Jon Lui
Apr 12, 2023
Replying to

Low key me too! I didn't like him at first but he's growing on me!


Niceee ✨

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