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5 K-pop Tracks To Turn Up Your Summer!

Summer is here! Prepare your bikinis and summer wear because we will now turn up the summer feeling with these 5 K-pop songs! Are you ready? Adjust the speakers, and let’s dive in!

1. Flip That by Loona

If you want a summer with a mix of a fantasy feel, you better add this track to your summer playlist. With the members’ vocals and jaw-dropping visuals, you will surely fall in love with this summer bop!

2. Touch My Body by Sistar

Sistar has a list of awesome summer songs we can dance to, but now, we are just going to show you one of their best summer tracks. Feel the heat while dancing into Touch My Body’s famous dance moves!

3. Our Dawn Is Hotter Than Day by SEVENTEEN

If you want to listen to a song that will make you remember the summer of your youth, then; this song is for you! It has a melody you can vibe to; and also make you feel nostalgic, even if you haven't read the lyrics!

4. Power Up by Red Velvet

Red Velvet is known for having a bright and classy concept, and now, we are diving into their bright concept! If you like something refreshing and cute at the same time, Power Up would definitely suit you.

5. Up! by Kep1er

If you are into a song with an addictive melody and lyrics that will stay inside your mind for hours, then Kep1er’s Up is for you! It radiates youthful and fun energy that will make you love them even more!

Did you enjoy this short list of K-pop Summer music? Share with us your own kind of Summer playlist, and let us make this season memorable!


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