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A Shocking Truth Ties the Missing Pieces in the Latest Episode of "Trolley"!

SBS's mystery melodrama Trolley shocked everyone in the latest episodes that premiered on February 6 and 7 as we find out that Assemblyman Nam Joong Do (Park Hee Soon Dr. Brain 2021) is certainly not who he seems! Let's break down what happened in this unexpected episode!

Park Hee Soon and Kim Hyun Joo star in "Trolley" (SBS)
Park Hee Soon and Kim Hyun Joo star as husband and wife in "Trolley" (SBS)

**Spoiler Alert!

Episode 13 ended with Kim Soo Bin (Chung Soo Bin) confronting Kim Hye Joo (Kim Hyun Joo Jung_E 2023) at her book repair shop unraveling everything that she knows about how Nam Ji Hoon (Assemblyman Nam Joong Do's deceased son) and she saw everything that happened between the assemblyman and Hyun Yeo Jin (Hye Joo's close friend that lives with their family). The two find out that Joong Do has been having an affair with Yeo Jin for five years without Hye Joo suspecting a thing! Hye Joo also learns from Soo Bin's doctor that Soo Bin has been lying about her pregnancy and had an abortion. The child was not Ji Hoon's but in fact, the very person Soo Bin has been running away from, Ji Hoon's friend, Jung Dae, who gave him drugs.

Kim Soo Bin (right) spills the truth in episoe 13 (SBS)
Kim Soo Bin (right) spills the truth in episode 13 (SBS)

Episode 14: Was Ji Hoon's death an accident or on purpose?

As Soo Bin continues to tell Hye Joo the details of what she knows, we learn that Soo Bin is a victim caught between a powerful assemblyman's affair and Ji Hoon's death. Soo Bin uses her information to blackmail Assemblyman Nam for money and a place to stay and goes along with the rape story.

Hye Joo is furious to hear all of this new information and goes home to confront her husband. It doesn't take much for Nam Joong Do to confess to his wife when Yeo Jin comes in after overhearing their conversation and admits to everything.

Hye Joo confronts her husband about his affair with her close friend Yeo Jin (SBS)
Hye Joo confronts her husband about his affair with her close friend Yeo Jin (SBS)

Nam Joong Do then goes to his trusted assistant, Jang Woo Jae (Kim Mu Yeol Juvenile Justice 2022), to ask him what really happened on the day that Ji Hoon died. Woo Jae recounts that he was looking for Ji Hoon and found him near the banks of the Han River. The car's dashcam films Woo Jae asking Ji Hoon to get in the car and as he turns away and walks toward the vehicle, Ji Hoon slips into the water to retrieve the meth he threw away earlier. When Woo Jae turns around to ask Ji Hoon to get in the car, he can't find him. It seems that Ji Hoon's death was because of an accidental drowning!

Everything begins to unravel for Nam Joong Do (SBS)
Everything begins to unravel for Nam Joong Do (SBS)

This series continues to surprise us as we find out Assemblyman Nam isn't the perfect husband that everyone paints him to be. It seems that everything he does is for his political career regardless of who is closest to him. Soo Bin even says in the episode that "Assembly Nam is a person who is capable of killing his own son to further his political career."

Let us know your thoughts about this series! We can't wait for the final two episodes next week!

You can catch up on all the latest episodes of Trolley streaming on Netflix now!


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