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Chung Su Bin Dazzles in New Drama 'Trolley'!

SBS's new mystery melodrama Trolley which was released on December 19, 2022, starring Kim Hyun Joo as an assemblyman's wife hiding a life-changing secret has been at the top of Netflix's trending dramas of 2023! Chung Su Bin plays Kim Soo Bin, a young woman who is impregnated by Kim Hyun Joo's character, Kim Hye Joo's son. Needless to say, the relationship between the two on screen is amazing!

Chung Su Bin plays a pregnant young woman in 'Trolley' (SBS)
Chung Su Bin plays a pregnant young woman, Kim Soo Bin, in 'Trolley' (SBS)

Revenge of Others star Chung Su Bin shines in her new role as Kim Soo Bin, a young woman who appears on the doorstep of Kim Hye Joo (Kim Hyun Joo), an assemblyman's wife, claiming to be pregnant with her son's baby. Her initial reaction, as with any stranger, is hesitation by Hye Joo, but eventually, as they spend more time together, begins to accept Soo Bin as her potential daughter-in-law.

Kim Hyun Joo stars in leading role, Kim Hye Joo, in 'Trolley' (SBS)
Kim Hyun Joo stars in the leading role, Kim Hye Joo, in 'Trolley' (SBS)

As Soo Bin spends more time in Hye Joo's house and studio, where she fixes damaged books, she begins to suspect not everything is as smooth as everyone says. The perfect political family hides a dark secret as Soo Bin suspects her future mother-in-law is not so perfect and kind.

Park Hee Soo stars as Assemblyman Nam Joong Do (SBS)
Park Hee Soo stars as Assemblyman Nam Joong Do (SBS)

Why we love Chung Su Bin!

We all love a good mystery drama with lots of twists and turns! Trolley provides us with a sense of speculation and doubting whether every character is telling the truth. Although Soo Bin comes to Hye Joo and her family with good intentions, she also seems to be hiding something. She gets drug tested as instructed by the family to prove that she is telling the truth, but we sense that there is something she is hiding.

Chung Su Bin gives the perfect amount of emotion to have us guessing what secret she is hiding. Is she really pregnant with Hye Joo's grandbaby? Or does she have an alternate agenda?

Trolley is also available for streaming on Netflix right now! Let us know if you've seen this drama and your thoughts below!


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