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"A Time Called You" Set to Mesmerize Viewers on Netflix This September!

Prepare to travel across time and emotions on a riveting trip with the forthcoming Netflix series A Time Called You, which will debut on September 8th! The superb cast of this eagerly awaited drama, which stars Ahn Hyo Seop (Dr. Romantic 3 2023), Jeon Yeo Bin (Vincenzo 2021), Kang Hoon (Little Women 2022), and Lee Min Goo (All of Us Are Dead 2022) in the key roles, promises an exciting viewing experience!

The moving story of Han Jun Hee, played by Jeon Yeo Bin, is told in A Time Called You, an adaptation of the popular Taiwanese television series Someday or One Day. Jun Hee, who is grieving the loss of her partner, has an unexpected turn in her life when she is sent back to 1998. She awakens in a high school student's body and must negotiate the difficulties of a new time while running into Si Heon, a fascinating character who eerily resembles her late love.

With a story that deftly combines themes of romance, mystery, and time travel, A Time Called You is ready to enthrall viewers across 12 riveting episodes! An emotional and captivating encounter is built up by the show's interesting idea and superb ensemble cast. The entire series will be available at once on Netflix, giving fans the option to completely immerse themselves in this romantic mystery filled with nostalgia and second chances!

Let us know if you'll be watching this drama! What are you looking forward to the most? Comment below!


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