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Top 5 Juridical Dramas You Must Keep An Eye On!

The lawyer profession is one of the most portrayed professions in South Korean dramas, where the vast majority of dramas with this theme are very successful. Who still hasn't forgotten about the plot of Extraordinary Attorney Woo?

Check out now a list of 5 law dramas that will leave you totally turned on!

1. Suspicious Partner

Suspicious Partner is one of the most surprising legal dramas on this list, as despite having a lot of romance and being hilarious, it carries a good dose of drama. Noh Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) is a prosecutor who quits his job to work at a top law firm. Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) is a law intern, black belt in taekwondo. Prosecutor Cha Yoo Jung (Nara) is Ji Wook's ex-girlfriend who desperately wants to win him back. Lawyer Ji Eun Hyuk (Choi Tae Joon) was a good friend of Ji Wook, but due to a certain incident, their friendship fell apart. When the killer attacks Bong Hee, she is unexpectedly accused as a suspect in a crime, but her only support will be Ji Wook.

2. Abyss

Go Se Yeon (Kim Sa Rang) is a beautiful lawyer at the top of her game, and Cha Min (Ahn Se Ha) is her friend, an unattractive but wealthy heir to a cosmetics empire. Both are revived in different bodies by supernatural beings using an "Abyss" after death in separate incidents. The "Abyss" is a celestial object that has the power to revive anything that has died; reincarnated bodies take on the appearance of that person's soul. Go Se Yeon (Park Bo Young) takes on a lighter appearance, while Cha Min (Ahn Hyo Seop) becomes very attractive and youthful; practically the opposite of before. They begin to work together to find out the reason for their revival and who caused Go Se Yeon's death.

At age eight, Park Joo Hyung (Song Joong Ki) went to Italy after being adopted by an Italian family. As a consequence of a gang betrayal. He now works for a family of Italian mobsters, who are always at war with other factions. During a visit to South Korea, his motherland, Vincenzo decides to take revenge on those who made him suffer in the past, waging a dangerous battle against a local cartel that cannot be punished even by law. But that doesn't get in the way of Vincenzo's plans, who will enlist the help of ruthless lawyer Hong Cha Young (Jeon Yeon Bin). But they have no idea that the big villain in the story is their intern Jang Jun Woo (Taecyeon). Vincenzo and Hong end up falling in love and, together, they will stop at nothing to defeat their enemies and take justice into their own hands.

4. Big Mouth

Big Mouth is a story about a lawyer with a 10% win rate who gets caught up in a murder case he accidentally takes on and becomes a rare genius con artist overnight to survive. He delves into the true face of the privileged class, tainted by a massive conspiracy to protect his family. Lee Jong Suk takes on the role of Park Chang Ho, the lawyer with a 10% win rate and a rhetorical personality. But when he wakes up, he's touted as a crooked genius, and his life is threatened. YoonA takes on the role of Go Mi Ho, a nurse who possesses exceptional beauty and is also the wife of Park Chang Ho. Go Mi Ho sets out to clear her husband's name after she receives news that he is framed as a genius con artist.

Park Jung Woo (Ji Sung) is one of the best prosecutors in the Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office. His world is turned upside down when he wakes up one day to find himself in a police cell, accused of killing his wife, Yoon Ji Soo (Son Yeo Eun), while discovering his daughter is missing. What is the connection between identical twins Cha Sun Ho and Cha Min Ho (both played by Uhm Ki Joon), heirs of the powerful Chamyung Group, and Sun Ho's wife, Na Yeon Hee (Uhm Hyun Kyung), with the difficult situation in which Jung Woo is? Jung Woo has temporary amnesia and has no memory of what happened. But with the help of public defender Seo Eun Hye (Kwon Yu Ri), can Jung Woo find a way to prove his innocence and find the real killer?

So did you like our list? Let us know which of these dramas you're most curious to watch!


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