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ABO, New Boy Band To Be Launched By IST Entertainment

ABO boy group line-up. Photo by Allkpop.

Fresh faces to look out for as IST Entertainment announced the debut of the new boy group, ABO, in the second half of this year.

The final lineup consists of 7 talented and fresh faces, who were selected through the agency's survival audition, which aired from March 19 to May 7 in collaboration with Kakao TV and MBN. Jeong Seung-hwan, Oh Jun-seok, Seok Rak-won, Ryu Jun-min, Bae Hyun-jun, Yang Dong-hwa, and Kim Yeon-kyu will surprise and entertain us in no time soon.

Apink. Photo by The Bias List.

The Boyz. Photo by Channel-Korea.

Intending to be original in the K-pop scene, the soon to debut boy group's name stands for "At the Beginning of Originality". With the guidance of their management, the soon to debut boy group will have a high chance of success, a lot like the girl group, Apink, and the boy group, The Boyz, who are also managed by IST Entertainment.

Let us know who is your favorite member from the soon to debut boy group at first glance!



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