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Aespa Drops Special Video For 'Life's Too Short'

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Rising K-pop girl group, Aespa, just dropped a special video for their new single "Life's Too Short". The group, known for their visually stunning music videos and performances, released a more natural side of themselves traveling to California to perform at the Coachella music festival back in April.

The new video is a combination of a lyric video with a vlog style of the girls' daily travel life and having fun! The behind-the-scenes shots with shopping mixed in are a breath of fresh air as we dive into the fun personalities of the girls. The scrapbook-style video is quite different from their usual computer-generated music video scenes.

Aespa performing "Life's Too Short" at Coachella 2022 (Amy Harris/Invision/AP)

The YouTube music video for "Life's Too Short" has garnered over 37 million views since its release on June 24. It is the first English single off of the group's second mini-album Girls on June 24 to begin their global partnership with American label Warner Records.

The meteoric rise of K-pop as a global brand is now locked in for the future as bands such as Aespa are creating English music for their global fans. What do you think of K-pop groups singing all in English? Are they still considered to be K-pop or just pop?

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