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“After The After Party" BM’s (KARD) First Concert Tour in the US!

March 18, 2024 (Bethesda, Maryland)– Calling all Hidden Kard! Konnect’d Entertainment and Dojeon Media are excited to announce BM will be embarking on his first solo tour, titled the “After the After Party BM 1st Concert Tour” in the U.S.! BM will be touring in Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, and Washington, DC.

These exclusive events are designed with Hidden Kard in mind, providing a scandalous and electrifying evening that transcends the ordinary; and BM is anything, but ordinary. Check out the dates below!

Unfiltered, Unleashed, Unobstructed.

BM aka Big Matthew, KARD’s powerful main dancer, is bringing a show fans have never seen before. This one-of-a-kind tour is exclusively for ages 21+, allowing BM to showcase his boldness for Hidden Kard. The After The After Party Tour is your escape from the typical K-pop concert scene as it is tailored to an adult crowd, ensuring an elevated concert experience. Konnect’d Entertainment aims to bring something new to the concert-going experience that typically allows fans of all ages. With our rare 21+ concert event, we hope to

break new ground for future shows exclusively for adults. This show lets BM be unapologetically him, surrounded by Hidden Kard who want to see his performances in an unprecedented way.

For fans to be fully immersed in the performances, Konnect’d Entertainment is introducing an experience like no other: a spin on phone-less events. With unobstructed views, fans will be able to share the moment with fellow concertgoers; taking in the music without distractions. While this made waves on social media, Konnect’d Entertainment wants to reiterate we will not be taking phones from fans! We are creating a phoneless environment, allowing us to give pouches to store phones while fans immerse themselves in the show. Texts will be allowed and calls are allowed in designated non-performance areas, but leave recording

the show up to Konnect’d — we promise to get footage of everything that goes down throughout the night! With undivided attention on BM, he can give Hidden Kard the performance they deserve.

Dates and Locations:

Tues. May 14th: Los Angeles | The Avalon

Thur. May 16th: Dallas | Southside Music Hall

Sat. May 18th: Chicago | The Vic

Tues. May 21st: New York | Webster Hall

Thur. May 23rd: Atlanta | The Eastern

Sat. May 25th: DC | Karma

Ticket Information:

VVIP: $300 plus tax & fees

VIP: $200 plus tax & fees

GA+: $70 plus tax & fees

GENERAL GA: $35 plus tax & fees

Tickets are available on Wednesday, March 27, 2024, at 4 PM venue local time on

The Party After the Party

We are thrilled to bring Hidden Kard an intimate exclusive post-show experience. An elevated night out for Hidden Kard, we are hosting after-parties in all cities, some may even have a special guest! Fans will have the opportunity to purchase after-party tickets to party with other Hidden KARD in this premier experience. What happens at the after-party, stays at the after-party!


Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Matthew Kim, known to fans as BM or Big Matthew, debuted in the co-ed quartet KARD in 2017. KARD’s unique concept is based on a deck of cards with BM holding the role of King with the suit of Clubs. Garnering 1.3 million listeners monthly, KARD has seen success worldwide with popular songs like ICKY, Don’t Recall, Dumb Litty, and Go Baby. Multifaceted rapper BM shows his skills by producing many of KARD’s songs that fans know and love. BM has released solo work, with his most recent drop coming in December of 2023 with LOWKEY and ATAP (After The After Party). BM and KARD

have completed 4 headlining tours since 2017, visiting Hidden Kard in Mexico, Chile, Brazil, and Germany among others. The impact will be felt as BM brings a solo headlining show that will be entirely different from KARD performances. BM will reveal explosive stages you can only see at The After The After Party Tour. Fans can catch BM this May as he brings an unparalleled show filled with energy and passion.

Konnect With Us

Founded by visionary women of color, Konnect’d Entertainment is on a mission to revolutionize fan experiences by promoting inclusivity and fostering meaningful connections between artists and their diverse fan base. This innovative collective is dedicated to enriching the K-culture in the United States, offering unique events and community-driven initiatives that celebrate the vibrant connection between global fans and international artists. Through their work, Konnect'd Entertainment is setting a new standard for the fan event experience.


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