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'Anna' Wraps Up In Shocking Finale!

Coupang Play's hit thriller drama Anna wrapped up its final episodes 5 and 6 on Friday, July 8 with one of the most shocking endings of the year! The story about a young woman who lives the life of a successful wealthy daughter of a businessman and marries a potential political candidate ended with quite a twist! Here's what we think!

Bae Suzy is superb in 'Anna' (Coupang Play)

*Contains spoilers.

4.5/5 Stars

Bae Suzy's character, Anna or Yoo Mi, eventually gets what she desires. A wealthy husband, a wonderful life, and a more-or-less meaningful career. It all comes crashing down in the final two episodes as Anna's best friend from college, Han Ji Won (Park Ye Young Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha 2021), who works for one of the most respected newspapers in Korea, starts digging up her past.

Park Ye Young plays Han Ji Won in Anna (Coupang Play)

On top of that, Anna's husband, Choi Ji Hoon (Kim Joon Han The King's Letters 2019), starts becoming one of the top political mayoral candidates and finds out about Anna's past. He uses this information to suppress Anna and control her actions. Anna starts her resentment towards him as she slowly finds out the person he really is, a corrupt businessman and power-hungry politician.

Kim Joon Han as Anna's husband Choi Ji Hoon (Coupang Play)

Anna finds out that her husband was the one who kills Lee Hyun Joo or the real Anna (Jung Eun Chae Pachinko 2022) and tries to cover it up by claiming it was a suicide. All these problems start to snowball until the final episode, which took our breaths away!

After winning the mayoral race, Anna and Choi Ji Hoon fly to San Francisco. While driving in the middle of the desert, Anna finds out that Ji Hoon's actual intentions are to send her to a psychiatric facility and doesn't intend to send her back to Korea. At that moment, a deer shows out of nowhere (we're not sure if deer actually live in deserts, but what the hey right?) and Ji Hoon swerves the car to avoid hitting it. Anna takes this opportunity to make her escape by pulling the car emergency brake and crashing the car into a pole. Ji Hoon is trapped in the driver's seat and Anna, while wearing a seatbelt, suffers minor injuries and walks away.

We're taken back to the first episode where Anna lights up her purse and throws the bag into the car. Now we realize that her husband is actually in it! Wow, we didn't see this coming! Anna decided that there was no other option to free herself from her situation since her friend was pressuring her to tell the truth and her husband had taken control over her life. In the ending scene, we see Anna living in a secluded area in North America by herself. It has been over a year since the death of her husband and she seems to be living a normal life.

Anna 2022 (Coupang Play)

Our thoughts.

This drama showed so much potential in the character development and the drama built up the storyline in the first half of the series. Since this series was only for six episodes, we felt that the ending was a little too rushed. We would've liked to see Anna struggle with the pressure from her friend to tell the truth more and why her husband decided to take an impromptu trip to San Francisco right after winning the election. The death of the real Anna should've been told a little more in detail and we felt the drama skipped it too fast. Overall, it was a good drama and the acting by Bae Suzy has definitely matured! We recommend watching it because it still kept us on the edge of our seats.

Check out this behind-the-scenes making of Suzy trying to ski for the drama!

Let us know your thoughts about this drama! Do you agree with our thoughts?


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