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Bae Suzy Shines In Most Complex Role Yet As "Anna"

*Contains spoilers.

4.8/5 Stars (So far!)

In their most anticipated summer series Anna, Coupang Play has rolled out a hit! Coupang Play, ranked third in South Korea's domestic streaming market in terms of users, has expanded by creating its own hit series! We have been drawn to the drama already, as Suzy cements her role as a real actress after two episodes. In a promotional interview, Suzy stated that her role as Anna was the most difficult one so far in her short acting career, being able to juggle two different character personalities as an emotionally deficient and psychologically damaged character in Yoo Mi/Anna.

Bae Suzy stars as Yoo Mi/Anna in Coupang Play's hit series "Anna" (Coupang Play)

Right from the start, we were drawn to Suzy's character, Yoo Mi, as she is struggling at her school with a taboo relationship with her art teacher. From there, her life spirals out of control as she is transferred to another high school, where the lies begin. She pretends she is from a well-off family with good connections, but in reality, her father runs a tailor shop and her mom suffers from dementia and cannot speak. She finds a job as a maid for a wealthy family and assumes the identity of the family's spoiled daughter, the real Anna Lee, played by Jung Eun Chae (Pachinko 2022).

Jung Eun Chae stars as Hyun Joo in "Anna" (Coupang Play)

As Anna lies herself into the perfect daughter of a wealthy family and works her way up the social ladder through her job as a teacher at a prestigious academy, she transforms herself into the perfect daughter born into the perfect family who studied at an Ivy League college. Through connections, Anna finds herself with a marriage proposal from a wealthy tech bachelor, Ji Hoon (Kim Joon Han Hospital Playlist 2020).

Kim Joon Han plays Anna's husband, Ji Hoon (Coupang Play)

Coupang has been over-promoting this series on the streets of Seoul as promotional posters are found everywhere!

Check out this awesome behind-the-scenes photoshoot of Suzy!

Anna seems to be turning out to be very promising and we can't wait for the next episode to drop! The series airs every Friday at 8 pm KST on Coupang Play. You can check out the show with English subtitles here! Let us know your thoughts about this series and comment on Bae Suzy's acting skills!


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