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Arab Social Media Stars Light Up Ramadan In Seoul!

South Korean Foreign Minister Park Jin holds an Iftar dinner commemorating the Islamic holy month of Ramadan at the Four Seasons Hotel in Jung-gu, Seoul, on Friday 24 March.

Foreign Minister Park Jin delivers a speech during an Iftar dinner hosted by Korea's foreign ministry. photo by (TheKoreaTimes)

Khaled  Abdelrahman, Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt to the Republic of Korea, and a lot of notable guests participated in the Iftar dinner hosted by South Korean Foreign Minister Park Jin on Friday evening in a hotel in the capital, Seoul, in honor of the symbols of the Islamic world in the country, on the occasion of the month of Ramadan.

Ramadan, which falls on the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, continues for about a month in which people fast during the sun’s rise, practice charity and tolerance, advanced by about 10 days each year. In 2023, the period is between March 23 and April 20.

● The resume of all things about Ramadan :

Source: University of Chicago's Center for Middle Eastern Studies

Park expressed his happiness with the holding of the 17th group breakfast on behalf of the South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which came after a 3-year hiatus due to the Corona pandemic and said, "Park, the month of Ramadan is not only a month of fasting, but rather it is a month of solidarity, peace, endurance, sharing what we have, and a month characterized by coexistence and interdependence, Pointing out that there are deep links between Korea and the Islamic world for more than a thousand years.

● In that Iftar there were a lot of notable guests including :

  1. Myongji University Arabic Studies Professor Emeritus Choi Young-Gil, who is the first native Korean-Muslim to fully translate the Quran from Arabic to Korean and recipient of the King Faisal International Prize for Service to Islam

  2. Alexandria University professor Sofia Elkhouly is known for her calligraphy works combining Korean and Arabic

  3. Khaled Abdel Rahman, Egypt's ambassador to South Korea.

  4. Muslim entertainers Samy Rashad, Oumaima Fatih, Zahid Hussain, and Kim Miso.

  5. Winners of the Korea-Arab Start-up Idea Pitch Competition last year; Mohammed Galal and Hayder Albayati.

● Taking about some of those guests and their experience from that event :

Zahid Hussain

Zahid Hussain (From Pakistan)

He is a Seoul Honorary Citizen, Pakistani Analyst in Korea, Korean TV Pakistan Rep. Honorary Ambassador Korean Tourism Organization. Zahid Hussain expressed his gratitude and thanks on Twitter for attending this event in Korea.

Kim Miso

Kim Miso (From Morocco)

Kim Miso, her real name is "Ibtissam Harakat" was born and raised in Morocco.

She is a social media star and model who has risen to fame for her eponymous YouTube channel. Kim Miso is the first Arab idol to release her album. She has gained popularity for her adventure vlogging often alongside challenges and tags. Many of her videos feature her original music.

Kim Miso shared her day with her followers on YouTube and Instagram.

Thank you for inviting me to the iftar dinner hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Moroccan embassy. Also, it is an honor to have Minister of Foreign Affairs Park Jin attend this event to shine and meet him in person.
In particular, at this Iftar banquet, Minister Jin Park gave a speech symbolizing the meaning of Ramadan, such as temperance, tolerance, and solidarity, and it was a meaningful occasion to awaken the spirit of sharing and solidarity that can further unite Arab countries and Korea.


The celebrity Moroccan Idol Miso shared her day in the form of a vlog on YouTube, the Iftar dinner that she had with the Moroccan Embassy, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

● Another event was held by the Ambassador of Egypt to Seoul :

Amira Samy

Amira Samy (From Egypt)

Amira Samy is an Egyptian YouTuber and Blogger. She shares with her followers her experiences with the Korean people, culture, food, and events.

Ambassador Khaled Abdel Rahman, Ambassador of Egypt to Seoul, the capital of South Korea, hosted Egyptian students in South Korea, members of the embassy, and heads of technical offices (defense and commercial).

From el yom el 7

Most of the invites to the Iftar dinner were only Arabs, especially Egyptians.

Ambassador Khaled Abdel Rahman emphasized the important role of Egyptian scholars in Korea, as they are ambassadors of Egypt in their fields of study, and the importance of their benefit from being in Korean universities to transfer practical experiences to Egypt and to increase cooperation between the two countries in the educational field.

Amira shared her day in the form of a Vlog on YouTube, after that she had the Iftar dinner invitation from the Egyptian Embassy.

● Three days ago, " The Korea Times "Reposted and shared a story that happens every year in Korea in each Ramadan in South Korea :

This year's Ramadan, a holy month of fasting for devout Muslims, started in Korea on March 22.
Islam is a minority religion here in Korea but when the Ramadan period begins, mosques across the nation becomes crowded with believers of Islam.
During Ramadan, the Itaewon Seoul Central Mosque prepares free meals for hundreds of Muslims after sunset, and hosts prayers every night.
Visit the Korea Times' YouTube channel (KST) to watch the full story. Happy watching!


What do you think of what happened? Have you ever seen or heard about the Ramadan atmosphere in Korea before?


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