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ATEEZ "Work" to get rich in comeback MV!

The mega K-band, ATEEZ, is set to return to the stage this summer and their new music video "Work" has already left fans wanting more! ATEEZ has had major success in the entertainment industry before and we are sure they will have the same this year, just in time for the summer concerts. Let's break down their teaser!

Let's check out the teaser below!

ATEEZ has officially returned with "Work", the title track from their 10th mini album, "Golden Hour : Part. 1". This means that part 2 will hopefully come out towards the end of the year!

Marking the beginning of a brand new series, "Golden Hour: Part. 1" embodies the brightest moments to come shortly for ATEEZ and their fans. The MV for "Work" was shot in Los Angeles, California, using dynamic and witty scenes to bring to life some of the members' wild fantasies about becoming rich and famous.

For us the funny part of the teaser was of course when one of the members was riding across the desert on an ostrich, we thought it was funny and brought a sense of fun to the scene, and that they were not taking themselves too seriously. We think that the big bold yellow highlighted words that popped up on the screen kept the audience engaged in the story that the boys were trying to tell, and it reminded us a little of John Wicks movies.

Lyrically we think that the boys did well and the flute and clarinet sounds added a fresh feel and sound to the song!

"Golden Hour: Part. 1" is now available on all major streaming platforms worldwide.

What are your thoughts on the new music video teaser? Let us know in the comments below!


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