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BANGTAN SISTERS PH celebrate Jimin's Birthday by hosting a FREE cupsleeve event!

October 21, 2023 - In partnership with Drink Lab Cafe - Araneta City, Bangtan Sisters PH hosted their first-ever FREE CSE for BTS member Park Jimin titled: #Freed.

Inspired by Taylor Swift's Reputation album (yes, they are also Swifties), the CSE organizers spent an entire day decorating the cafe's interior in black, white, silver, and a whole lotta Jimin!

With the help of their generous ARMY friends, they have been bringing joy to the community for 2 years. In return, they have gained loyal attendees who are not only looking forward to their fun-filled and exciting games but to also meet other fans and form new friendships!

Check out these photos and videos from the event!

Batch 1 Family Picture! 💜💜💜

Batch 2 Family Picture! 💜💜💜

I had the privilege to speak to both sisters and to a few of their attendees as well. The bond each person had from being an attendee to becoming an extended family that they could lean on is very remarkable to see!

Stay updated on their upcoming events by following their official Facebook Page and X:

Let us know what other events you would like to see them host! Comment below!


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