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"Behind Your Touch" Finale Touches Korean Nerves Despite High Viewership Ratings

The hottest drama this fall, Behind Your Touch, hits a snag with Korean viewers despite having the highest viewership ratings! We break down what they said and why we agree!

"Behind Your Touch" poster (Netflix)
"Behind Your Touch" poster (Netflix)


Riding high since our last review of this much-talked-about series, the most popular JTBC show Behind Your Touch finished its 16-episode run on October 1, 2023, with a 9.299% viewership rating. Good for first place nationwide! It turns out that some of the characters that we suspected to be the serial killer of the small country town of Mujin, were killed off! In fact, most of the people that we suspected were literally pushed to the side for the grand finale!

With the help of EXO's Suho's character, Kim Seon Woo, Detective Moon Jang Yeol (Lee Min Ki) and his assistant butt-touching veterinarian psychic, Bong Ye Bun (Han Ji Min), were able to catch the serial killer, finally! After a never-ending merry-go-round of cat and mouse throughout the last episodes, the Mujin Police Department was able to catch this serial killer with the help of a convenience store clerk! Wow, we can't believe how incompetent these cops really are!

And the killer is...drum roll, please!

After numerous episodes of the cops suspecting the whole town to be the culprit we finally have a winner! And the serial killer is the shaman! Park Jong Bae, the town shaman has been secretly hiding his superpower, he can literally look into peoples' eyes and look into their past! Kim Seon Woo records a confession of Park Jong Bae right before he is killed and finally, the police arrest him! Of course, things don't go as planned as he is released and finally caught again after trying to sneak off to China on a fishing boat.

Park Hyuk Kwon (left) plays the town's shaman and serial killer Park Jong Bae (JTBC)
Park Hyuk Kwon (left) plays the town's shaman and serial killer Park Jong Bae (JTBC)

Why all the fuss?

After a very anti-climatic finale, we along with Korean viewers would have to agree why Behind Your Touch didn't meet expectations. Here's what Korean viewers said:

Cafe user 1: "I thought it was a pretty drama, but the end was a jumbled mess..."

Cafe user 2: "It's so difficult to watch a drama that's organized and probable until the end..."

Cafe user 1: "I feel like I'm in the palace of Alhambra????" (Memories of the Alhambra 2018)

Cafe user 3: "I just turned it on, should I watch it?"

Cafe user 4: "I don't want to let you down..."

Cafe user 3: "I wasted my time and effort watching this drama. I want to sue them"

So what did you think about the ending? Did you also feel that you were let down? Comment below!


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