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[Updated] Blackpink's Jennie Makes Her Official Acting Debut In HBO's "The Idol"

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

** Updated July 19, 2022

HBO has given further confirmation on Jennie's role in her cameo during the trailer for their new series, "The Idol"!

On July 18, HBO tweeted Jennie on the set captioned, "Jennie Kim has been cast in #THEIDOL."

Original Article

Blackpink's Jennie will be making her acting debut in HBO's "Idol" (HBO)

BLACKPINK's Jennie will be making her acting debut sooner than we thought! She was caught in a cameo for HBO's new series "The Idol" created by The Weeknd and “Euphoria” creator Sam Levinson! Check out the trailer and see if you can spot her!

The Idol tells a story of a pop singer, Lily-Rose Depp, who falls in love with a mysterious cult leader, The Weeknd.

Although it is unsure right now, whether Jennie will have a more permanent role in the series, it seems she made a cameo during the trailer. We break it down slowly so you can see her!

Jennie in "The Idol" (HBO)

The trailer does not say when the series will be dropping so we have to assume later this summer.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK will be preparing for their virtual concert in collaboration with PUBG Mobile scheduled for later on this month.

We're excited to see Jennie in her acting debut! Do you think she'll be a good actress? Let us know!


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