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Blackpink's Jennie sends a final farewall to 2023 with the help of her cute furry friends! [Jacquemus photoshoot]

Blackpink's Jennie is the new face of Jacquemus! The French luxury brand featured the global K-pop superstar for their holiday "Guirland" collection with the help of a variety of four-legged friends! The cute photoshoot brought us warm vibes into this holiday weekend! Read on to see the photoshoot and behind-the-scenes content!

Anything Jennie touches seems to turn into gold! Instead of the usual high-end models posing with clothing and accessories, Jacquemus and Jennie decided to showcase a very colorful array of festive silver and gold accessories with the singer posing in some holiday mini dresses!

Check out this super cute behind-the-scenes video of Jennie and her furry friends!

The whole concept is very unique and fun! We love the dresses and accessories that Jennie is wearing, especially the metallic silver flats! All the items are very easy to wear and bring in the holiday theme!

Lastly, here's the amazing and cute trailer featuring Jennie!

We could tell that this was an amazing experience for Jennie as she posted these behind-the-scenes photos on her Instagram!

So what are you wearing to this year's holiday party? Which pieces from this collection caught your attention? Comment below!


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