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BLACKPINK renews contract with YG! Should we be worried?

After months of talks, BLACKPINK and YG Entertainment have reached a new contract! We break down the details and whether fans should be worried! Let's go!

BLACKPINK (YG Entertainment)
BLACKPINK (YG Entertainment)

On Wednesday, December 6, 2023, news of YG Entertainment extending its contract with BLACKPINK sent shockwaves across the K-pop world! The announcement of the new contract sent YG's stock soaring to ₩ 61,000 per share (up from ₩ 48,000 the previous trading day).

Under the new contract, YG has promised to promote the group more actively as we have discussed previously that fans were not happy with the group's management agency. YG has promised the group that it will help to put out more music as well as more tours. Given that BLACKPINK has already finished an arduous "Born Pink" world tour this year, we're not sure how fans will react to even more tours. Fans have already expressed their concerns for BLACKPINK's member's health and longevity.

Netizens react!

Korean netizens have mixed feelings about this announcement as seen below!

  • "Ugh."

  • "OMG."

  • "It's clearly written as a group contract in the official announcement"

  • "OMG."

  • "Even if they focus on their individual activities, I think this is right considering the speed that they usually do"

  • "Didn't everyone guess that individuals would go out separately and groups would stay? I think they're just doing it separately like an idol with annual leave. Like Super Junior Kyuhyun and EXO D.O.. Is it different?"

  • "What?!"

  • "BLACKPINK 💓💓 Give me the album!!!!!! Give me the promotion"

  • "OMG!"

YG has not disclosed details about each member's contract as well as what specifically the new contract entails. Stay tuned for more news and insights as we give you more details soon! Comment below with your thoughts on this news!

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