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BTS Now Referenced in Hip-Hop Songs!

BTS is already taking over the world, and fellow musicians are referencing them in their songs!

British hip-hop duo, Krept and Konan from London, mentioned BTS and K-pop in their new song!

The clip received a positive response, especially from K-pop and BTS fans from all over the world!

Here’s the full video below!

BTS is mentioned in the rappers' collaboration with Russ Millions in their new song "Pisces"!

"Is it me or the VVS?

Broke boys give me P-T-S

Opp boys wanna see me stressed

Lil deal on the PDF

Lil' bro made the K pop, BTS (Glah, boom)"

- Russ Millions feat. Krept and Konan

What do you think of this? Do you think that there is a possible new collaboration between Krept and Konan and BTS? Let us know!

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