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Sienna Lalau Talks About BTS | Is it hard to work with BTS !?

There are a lot of artists and singers who have been eagerly waiting for a chance to collaborate with BTS! Working with BTS is not that easy! And anyone that knows a bit about them, knows how busy and hardworking they are!

From BTS 'ON' MV

Today's topic is about someone who gets a chance and worked with BTS! It's Sienna Lalau.

Sienna Lalau, a dancer and choreographer from Waipahu, Hawaii has worked with BTS for a long time, choreographed BTS' music video "ON" in 2020, and also dances in it. This BTS music video has already racked up over 70 million views after it premiered 3 days ago.

Sienna who has recently shared her thoughts and experiences working with the group

shared her impression of Taehyung :

"V is always so fun, he's always so relaxed but he works hard, I feel like he knows he's done it. He has everything in place and on stage, you'll see him stand out every time."

— Sienna Lalau

People who have worked with BTS on shorter projects (employees of companies other than BigHit or HYBE) have only had wonderful things to say about them!

This is so amazing! Do you think that it is easy to work with BTS? Let us know what you think in the comments!


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