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BTS Cookies! | New Collab !?

Social media accounts are being cryptic with purple hearts and purple balloons!


Mobile app Cookie Run: Kingdom collaborating with BTS! The collaboration includes an exclusive in-game concert, where BTS will be performing as their “Cookie” counterparts.

More content will be revealed, including new photo cards and videos of the members.

For now, some ARMYs hope they will be regular "special" cookies that have their own unique abilities and can play independently or have them be a group of seven cookies that all fight unanimously, yet still take up one cookie slot.

Cookie Run: Kingdom has been updated with a video of Suga dubbing his character in the game, as part of their promotional collaboration with BTS!

• Translation of what he says:

"Suga, Suga, it would be great (if you could) make a studio here! Even when I see you I miss you again. Cookie run kingdom"

A lot of BTS fans contemplating downloading Cookie Run just because of their collaboration with BTS! Are you ready for the grand reveal of the BTS Cookies?!


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