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BTS's Jin At The Airport For Big Event In Los Angeles!

Jin was spotted at Incheon International Airport in Seoul on September 11, heading to Los Angeles for his schedule.

Here's Jin at the airport :

Many fans have questioned what his motive for traveling solo to the United States! Some say that Jin went to shoot his own solo MV.

And BTS's Jin's name topped the hashtags on Twitter:

Jin's conversation with the staff at the airport

Staff: Jin-SSI, it's a little embarrassing when you're traveling alone, isn't it?

Jin: Yes

Staff: When RM left he said it was very embarrassing too.

Jin: Yes, I was saying that in the waiting room a while ago.

Hair stylists, stylists, make-up experts, mirror creators, creative directors of visuals, and fashion directors at Big Hit Music have also traveled to Los Angeles, and it looks like something big is coming.

Here are some of the tweets posted:

Seems like a great event! What do you think will happen? Tell us what you think in the comments.


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