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Jungkook Suffers From Allergic Reaction On His Birthday!

BTS's Jungook fell ill and his skin color faded as the rest of the members prevented him from eating after the black magic incident! That was until Jungkook came up with the news that shocked everyone!

A few days before Jungkook's birthday, a girl claiming to be part of the BTS ARMY published pictures of Jungkook's distortions on her account on Tik Tok, but she was not satisfied. Instead, she posted a video clip of her doing black magic on Jungkook. The girl received numerous online attacks until she apologized in the end. Make sure to check out more details on this in our previous article!

In the last BTS run episode, BTS Jimin was stopping Jungkook from eating ramen.

Unfortunately, we didn't know the reason behind this. Fans think Jimin just wanted to joke with Jungkook until Jungkook's birthday came and Jungkook admitted that he was sick on his birthday live!

BTS JK 🐰 : " ah I want to eat ramen. Why do I want to eat ramen so much? I do tests about my body, and they said flour ( gluten ) isn't right with my body. so I can't eat ramen, but I want to eat ramen so badly right now. "

But he kept smiling and happy, singing for ARMY and answering their questions.

Here's Jungkook's birthday cake they gave him for his birthday, it was rabbit shaped and had no flour ( gluten ) and was set with grapes from the top.

It is very sad and unfortunate that Jungkook is prevented from eating the things he loves, especially on his birthday! Jungkook loves eating ramen! Jimin was afraid for Jungkook and just wanted to stop him from eating ramen because Jungkook was sick and ARMY didn't know about it at the time!

Jungkook in the past tweets 🍜:

After this event, many ARMY members decided to stop eating ramen with Jungkook! Others were praying for him to get well.

Do you think this is because of magic? What do you think of what happened? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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Merna Mahdali
Merna Mahdali
Dec 01, 2022

I hope he gets well soon 🥺

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