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Jessi & BTS | Jessi: "I hope to take a picture with them someday"

BTS J-Hope hosted a big party for the release of his debut album “Jack In The Box”. And he invited some celebrity guests, Jessi was among those invited to this party.

After the BTS J-hope party has ended, Jessi revealed her personal opinion.

Here are some of Jessi's pictures at J-Hope's party:

And Jessi posted on her Instagram, congratulations and encouragement to J-Hope:

J-Hope reposted the story of Jessi's account via his Instagram story:

At the listening party, she says that she "vibed" with Jimin the most, sharing they spent “almost 40 minutes” talking about life.

After J-Hope's concert, fans had a lot of questions for Jessi about BTS in her life, and Jessi told a little bit about BTS, saying nice things about them.

Jessi mentioned that she wanted to take a picture with Taehyung but she couldn't because he was dancing and having fun !

👤: I talked to V too but I saw that there are many people having fun and dancing, it wasn't just taking pictures but I hope to take a picture with them someday, they're cute <BTS>

We are now moving to one of the episodes in which Jessi talked about one of the BTS members, who is Jungkook :

Jessi held an online fan meeting on Wednesday, March 17, 2021, on the her YouTube show "Showterview with Jessi".

During the show, Jessi replied to fan questions. One fan asked her to share about her ideal type and asked her to mention a specific celebrity who is close to her ideal type.

You can watch the full episode here:

She also spoke on a live about Jungkook in response to a fan's question:

Jessi mentioned Jungkook in her latest Instagram live.

👤: I know you like Jungkook.

Jessi : Who wouldn't love him?

It is a nice ! Jungkook is awesome. Of course, Jungkook is a great star.

Fans and ARMYs loved the interactions between Jessi and the BTS members and noted how Jessi is so helpful and is known to speak her mind, so it meant a lot that she had nothing but great things to say about BTS.

What is your reaction to this? Fans see that Jessi is so lucky! Are you seeing that? Let us know your opinion!


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