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BTS Will Release A New Song Through New A Animated Film!

Ready to see the global phenomenon BTS on the big screen? Well, not quite. BTS along with other K-pop groups such as Le Sserafim and Brave Girls will lend their voices to the 3D animated superhero film Bastions, which is set to premiere on May 13, 2023. Let's take listen to the new song and more details!

"Bastions" is set to premiere on May 13, 2023 (SBS)
"Bastions" is set to premiere on May 13, 2023 (SBS)

BTS, as a group, will be singing the theme song to the animated movie that revolves around a group of superheroes called the "Bastions" that strives to protect the Earth from villains trying to pollute it. It will be the first time a Korean 3D animated movie has collaborated with K-pop.

Brave Girls' upcoming song for the film will be the group's final official release as a group. All four members terminated their contracts with their management company, Brave Entertainment, in February.

The production company of "Bastions", Thymos Media, released a sneak peak of the theme song! Let's listen!

What do you think? We think that the sound is very appropriate for children and adults altogether! With the combination of South Korea in the background of the scenes, it's almost the perfect Hallyu (Korean wave) of marketing!

When asked about "Bastions", Thymos Media said this:

"'Bastions' will capture the quintessence of Korean animated films," Thymos Media said. "It will bring to the fore eye-catching 3D visual experience, thrilling stories, sincere messages and music from globally popular K-pop stars."

This is great news for the Korean animation industry as it has been struggling for years to become as successful as its musical and film counterparts. Let us know if you'll be enjoying this film or just for BTS!


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