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Chique-looking Aespa Attends Yves Saint Laurent Pop Up In All Black

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Not only is Aespa topping music charts and attending global events, but they are hitting the runway as well! During a Yves Saint Laurent pop up store "YSL Beauty Zone" event on August 22 in Sinsa-dong, Seoul, the group showed up looking sleek in all black attire from the luxury brand. Sinsa is well-known to be the "Beverly Hills of South Korea". It is home to local luxury brands and boutiques.

Other K-pop celebrities were also invited to the exclusive event such as EXO’s Kai, Heize, Meenoi, and Woo Won Jae.

EXO's Kai also attended the YSL event
EXO's Kai also attended the YSL event

Each member of the group boasted her own chic style!

Karina was dressed in a sophisticated cropped suit top which showed her amazing figure. The pleated high-waist pants definitely accentuated her long legs and made her look elegant.

Winter sported a “one piece”strapless dress looking to “hit up a night on the town” as she looked amazing and beautiful. The big bow on the front broke up the simplicity of the outfit. The notch right above the bow showed a sense of sophistication to the outfit as Winter shined at the event.

Giselle posed in an amazing “Korean style” more conservative style dress with beautiful black and white buttons. The dress showed a sophistication as well as youthful look. Giselle did not appear to wear any accessories as she decided to keep the look simple.

NingNing wore a sexy cocktail flower designed black and white dress with tiny shoulder straps that looked like she was going on a date. The dress had a fun but sophisticated way of showing her figure.

Comments from netizens wondering if the group were brand ambassadors and how wonderful they looked showered Twitter feeds.

All of the members kept their outfits pretty simple at this event. There weren’t many accessories that were needed keeping their outfits as the focal point. Let us know which outfit was your favorite!


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