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Lomon Is Strikingly Badass in "Revenge of Others"!

Disney+'s new teen revenge thriller Revenge of Others (3인칭 복수 3inching Bogsu) starring Shin Ye Eun (More Than Friends 2020) and Lomon (All of Us Are Dead 2022, All of Us Are Dead 2 2023) provides a gripping, edge-of-your-seat, violent performance! Here's why you needed to be watching this action-packed, butt-kicking drama!

Shin Ye Eun & Lomon star in "Revenge of Others" (Disney+)
Shin Ye Eun & Lomon star in "Revenge of Others" (Disney+)

Revenge of Others tells the story of a 19-year-old high school senior, Ok Chan Mi (Shin Ye Eun) who has an identical twin brother that dies while talking to her via video chat. The police close the case as a "suicide", but Chan Mi doesn't believe them. She decides to transfer to Yong Tak High School in Seoul to find out the killer and the truth.

Meanwhile, Chan Mi gets involved with Ji Soo Heon (Lomon), a popular student that has a secret that only she finds out while tailing him one day. Chan Mi believes that Soo Heon is somehow involved with her brother's death and gets close to him to get to the truth. We find out in the second episode that Soo Heon is not the person everyone thinks. He vows to take revenge on the school's bullies on behalf of the victims in the most violent way!

Why you should watch

If you're into dark revenge thrillers with a lot of action, Revenge of Others is perfect for you! Although this does involve a lot of high school themes in South Korea such as teen pregnancy and bullying, it does have a lot of adult/more mature situations that most people can relate to. Throw in some violent and action scenes and you got yourself an entertaining high school drama!

The acting is superb and the relationships between the characters are believable and the situations they are put in are understandable.

Revenge of Others is a 12-episode drama that premiered on November 9 is now streaming on Disney+. New episodes will drop every Wednesday at 17:00 KST!

Let us know if you have seen this drama! Would you recommend it? Share your thoughts!


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