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Who Are The 3 Beautiful Co-Stars Next To Lomon In "Revenge of Others"?

Disney+'s new teen revenge thriller Revenge of Others (3인칭 복수 3inching Bogsu) starring Shin Ye Eun (More Than Friends 2020) and Lomon (All of Us Are Dead 2022, All of Us Are Dead 2 2023) heats up as three beautiful co-stars help Lomon and Shin Ye Eun with their mysterious school suicide scandal! We break down the details about who they are and where else you can watch them!

In the latest episode of Revenge of Others, Lomon and Shin Ye Eun are joined by their Yongtan High School classmates to help Lomon clear his name as the main suspect in the car shop murder and to find the real killer of Shin Ye Eun's character, Ok Chan Mi's, twin brother. As the team sits down and contemplates about what to do next, we noticed that all of them are so gorgeous that we couldn't wait to tell you where to watch them! Here's more information about each actress!

Shin Ye Eun

This 24-year-old actress and college student is attending Sungkyunkwan University and majoring in performing arts. Ye Eun is best known for her roles in the web series A-Teen and A-Teen 2 as Do Ha Na. She signed with JYP Entertainment in 2018 and premiered on Day6's "Shoot Me" music video!

Shin Ye Eun in Day6's "Shoot Me" M/V (JYP Entertainment)
Shin Ye Eun in Day6's "Shoot Me" M/V (JYP Entertainment)

In 2019, Shin Ye Eun landed her first lead role in He Is Psychometric and in 2022, she made a special appearance in Yumi's Cells 2 !

Shin Ye Eun appeared in "Yumi's Cells 2"
Shin Ye Eun appeared in "Yumi's Cells 2"

Chung Su Bin

Chung Su Bin is 24 years old and has been in the K-drama scene for only two years! She debuted in 2020 with a role in Live On, another high school K-drama. She continued her rise to stardom appearing in multiple dramas this year including Rookie Cops and Juvenile Justice.

Chung Su Bin in "Revenge of Others" (Disney+)
Chung Su Bin in "Revenge of Others" (Disney+)

Woo Yeon

Woo Yeon is a member of the girl group WOO!AH! The 19-year-old singer/actress was born in Seoul and her favorite color is purple! She is a former SM trainee and didn't want to be an idol while growing up! She has just started her acting career and has graced the screen with her beauty!

Fun Fact:

Woo Yeon also starred in Live On with Chung Su Bin!

Check out her live performance with Woo!Ah!

Let us know what you think about this new drama! Are you watching it? What do you like about these girls? Let us know!


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