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"Cold Blooded Intern" - A Heartwarming Tale of Redemption and Laughter!

The much-awaited K-drama Cold Blooded Intern is scheduled to premiere on August 11, 2023, exclusively on TVING, so be ready to go on a pleasant trip full of humor and relatable workplace hijinks! This engaging series, which combines the office, comedy, and slice-of-life genres, promises to present a distinctive and touching tale that will connect with viewers of all ages.

The program centers on the lives of a great lady in her 40s who returns to the workforce after a seven-year layoff, played by the outstanding Ra Mi Ran (The Good Bad Mother 2023). Despite being driven out of her position after formerly prospering in her profession, she has returned as an intern, wanting to start over. Cold Blooded Intern examines the challenges, rewards, and victories of beginning again as well as the value of never giving up on one's aspirations.

Cold Blooded Intern is a series that will definitely touch viewers' hearts as Ra Mi Ran's character navigates the complexity of office politics, as well as finding new friendships and an unexpected romance, with the help of the consistently endearing Uhm Ji Won and a great ensemble cast.

The 12 episodes of Cold Blooded Intern are filled with humor, touching scenes, and an interesting plot thanks to Park Yeon Kyeong's superb writing and Han Sang Jae's expert direction. Fans are anxiously anticipating how this wonderful story will play out as excitement grows. So put August 11 on your calendars and be ready to be fascinated by Cold Blooded Intern as it takes us on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery, growth, and the strength of perseverance. Keep checking back for additional information and be ready to see this amazing drama shortly on your preferred streaming service!


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