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Park Min Young gets a dramatic makeover in latest episode of "Marry My Husband"!

Park Min Young just got a whole of a lot sexier in the most popular drama out now! We breakdown what happened and how she looked!

Riding high on the latest ratings, Park Min Young's latest drama Marry My Husband is number one right now with 7.595% nationwide viewship, according to Nielsen Korea! Due to the amazing storyline with top notch acting, we can see why this show is the talk of the town! We break down the latest episode and how her dramatic transformation made our mouths drop!


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Following a tumultuous episode 3, we come to learn how Kang Ji Won's (Park Min Young) best friend, Jung Soo Min (Song Ha Yoon), intentions were long before she become an accessory to murder! It all started in high school when Ji Won was bullied by her classmates for "stealing Soo Min's boyfriend", Baek Eun Ho (Lee Gi Kwang from K-pop group Highlight), and stealing Soo Min's style and fashion sense.

We also learn from the past two episodes (three and four) that contract worker, Yoo Hee Yeon (Choi Gyu Ri Battle for Happiness 2023), has become close with Ji Won. So much so that Ji Won turns to Hee Yeon for fashion advice for her upcoming high school reunion! Let's take a look at her amazing transformation!

Park Min Young makes a marvelous transformation!

Park Min Young's incredible transformation, and not just her body figure for the role, had our mouths drop! Her gorgeous makeover really made us nod our heads in agreement as to why she is the "Queen of K-dramas and any role she touches turns to gold"! Take a look at her stunning hairstyle and outfits!

A simple but elegant office outfit that completely changed the way she was treated by her co-workers.

This oversized khaki suit looks amazing and one of our favorites!

Park Min Young looks gorgeous in every ensemble!

Ultimately, she decides to go with a very classy evening dress from New York City fashion designer Proenza Schouler.

Paired with a dark blazer, we couldn't help but admire her beauty and gracefulness as she entered the restaurant blowing her ex-classmates' minds! If you're curious as to how much this dress cost as much as us, we got you covered! Called the "ruched crepe jersey maxi dress", this ensemble comes it at a whopping 3,720,000 KRW ($2,800 USD)!

Let us know what you think of this number one drama out now! Also, what do you think of Park Min Young's makeover? Comment below!


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