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Our most satisfying moments from "Marry My Husband's" latest episodes! [Ep. 9 & 10!]

The latest episodes of the top trending K-drama out now, Marry My Husband, have been the most satisfying yet! We break down our favorite moments from episodes 9 and 10 that we absolutely loved!


Ji Hyeok and Ji Won hiding behind the pillar right after Min Hwan and Soo Min slept together!

Oh, the nerve of Kang Ji Won's (Park Min Young) best friend, Jung Soo Min (Song Ha Yoon), sleeping with her boyfriend/fiancé, Park Min Hwan, right after "falling" into the water! Confessing to Yoo Ji Hyeok (Na In Woo) that her best friend had just tried to drown her, Ji Hyeok tries to comfort her in the middle of the night, but not before his sister, Yoo Hee Yeon disrupts their intimate moment! While walking to the kitchen to get some water, Ji Hyeok and Ji Won hid behind a pillar to remain seen by Hee Yeon! This also leads to a very romantic sunrise scene between the two! We just love that when Soo Min thinks that she has Ji Won under her fingers, her plan will backfire!

Ji Won surprises her future mother-in-law with her cooking skills

A conceited and entitled attitude could best describe Ji Won's future mother-in-law, Kim Ja Ok, in a cooking battle! As a special "thank you" for "saving" her life at the lake, Soo Min treats Ji Won to a cooking class at the mall. Of course, they bump into Ji Won's future mother-in-law (they haven't been introduced to each other yet)! We get a peak into Kim Ja Ok's personality is as vile outside of the home as she is when she is Ji Won's mother-in-law!

Min Hwan gets milked dry

Bent on getting revenge on Min Hwan for abusing her in the future, Ji Won gets back at her crude fiancé by spending a day at the shopping mall! We all remember from episode 1 that he took advantage of her, and her money, whenever he pleased. So seeing his face disgusted at all the things she bought was definitely satisfying! Min Hwan gets treated like a cash cow and gets milked for all he's worth!

Meet the mother-in-law from hell

We couldn't help but put up a stupid grin when we saw diva Ji Won show up to meet Min Hwan's parents at the family gathering! Jaw-dropping, yes! The outfit was banging! Of course, it was inappropriate for the occasion and that's why we love our girl Ji Won! To add the cherry on top, Min Hwan's mother is so despicable that breaking up with Min Hwan and throwing him on the ground after telling his whole family that the wedding was off was the most satisfying! The look on Kim Ja Ok's face, when her son was tossed to the ground like a ragdoll, had us laughing out of our seats!

Mr. Red Panties!

In a rather funny way, Min Hwan shoots himself in the foot by going to work angry on Monday morning only to be met by a furious Ji Won! What is the firewood to stoke this workplace soap opera? Red panties! Planted by Ji Won, she knew exactly how Min Hwan would react! As soon as Ji Won exposes Min Hwan's cheating, all U & K employees are bewildered and the news spreads like wildfire! We couldn't be more satisfied that Min Hwan's womanizing is exposed at his workplace, where he apparently, is pretty good at his job!

Soo Min suffers the ultimate humiliation

Cue the sad violins! Now stop! We couldn't help but smile wryly when things kept going south for Soo Min! A little mean, but we felt that she deserved every bit of her public shaming. Her scandal at the supermarket where she made a customer sick from an allergic reaction comes back to haunt her. The older couple storms into the U & K building and demands an apology. After exposing that Soo Min was the one behind the affair, she is made to publicly apologize to the public by Ji Won, in front of everybody! Oh, the shame!

The Christmas kiss!

No one can deny that at the end of episode 10 came the moment we've all been waiting for! Ji Won finally admitted her feelings for Ji Hyeok after her date with Baek Eun Ho, her high school first love. During her date, she kept being reminded of Ji Hyeok! The amazing thing is that she was the first one to make the move! Gah! The feels! In return, Ji Hyeok grabs her arms and returns the kiss! How can we not be more satisfied than this? They were meant to be together!

Let us know which moments from Marry My Husband have been your most satisfying! Comment below!


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