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K-pop Legend Tony Ahn [H.O.T.] Stars In "Oh! Young Sim"!

ENA's popular animation-based comedy Oh! Young Sim starring Super Junior's Lee Dong Hae takes it to a whole new level when K-pop legend Tony Ahn from the first generation of K-pop idols H.O.T. (Highfive Of Teenagers) appears as the uncle of main character Oh Young Sim! Let's take a look at his incredible acting!

The hottest K-pop boy group in South Korea, H.O.T.'s Tony Ahn, appeared in one of the best comedies of the year in Oh! Young Sim! Tony isn't a stranger to acting at all as he constantly appears as cameos for many dramas including Second Husband (2021) and Hanging On (2020).

Tony's role as Lee Woo Sang, Oh Young Sim's uncle, is more of a permanent role and could be the real start of Tony's acting career! Uncle Woo Sang is a great character for Tony since it actually IS Tony as the drama shows old pictures of his former K-pop idols self during some of its scenes! His own family also states that he was once a popular singer at one time as well! Check out this hilarious scene!

Do you think that Tony has a shot at becoming a lead actor for an upcoming drama? Leave us your thoughts and comments on what you think!

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Andre Christover K
Andre Christover K
May 20, 2023

I love this articles very much

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