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Divided opinion? Bang Yedam’s Now-Deleted Apology In Controversial Video!

If you have not heard already, solo artist Bang Yedam’s now-deleted apology raises more questions about his involvement in a controversial video. We've got the details! Read on to find out more!

Photo: Bang Yedam. (Lee Seo Han)
Photo: Bang Yedam. (Lee Seo Han)

Actor Lee Seo Han's apologies have stirred up opinions among is fans, and the sexual video filmed on the morning of May 2, which was "accidently posted" has now been deleted. The video showed what appeared to be a man and woman engaging in sexual activity on a sofa and appeared to have been filmed at Bang Yedam's studio. Although the video was deleted immediately, there have been speculation by the online community whether it was filmed with the consent of the individuals involved.

Lee Seo Han later issued a brief statement confirmed the incident was filmed at Bang Yedam's studio which he apologized to both the singer and his fans.

He published the below apology: (Lee Seo Han)

“My explanation, which was short out of fear and feeling apologetic, seems to have become controversial, so I am gathering the courage to post again. My close friends and I like to visit Yedam’s studio and listen to music, watch movies, and drink together. Yesterday, five of us gathered and drank, and one drunk friend and Yedam went home after midnight. The remaining friends and I had a bit more to drink and accidentally posted a staged video that’s common these days to my public account instead of my private one. It is not an illegally filmed video of any kind. I sincerely apologize for my immature behavior as someone who dreams of becoming an actor. I apologize to those who were uncomfortable with the video and to the fans who support me. I will act carefully in the future. I apologize once again.”

Photo: Bang Yedam. (Lee Seo Han)
Photo: Bang Yedam (Lee Seo Han)

With the apology all good and well, for something that in my opinion may have been harmless fun. It has however raised many questions about his response to the video and how the situation was handled.

The former idol posted the brief apology on his Instagram story, before removing it which has led to the divided opinions between the Idols fans.

Let us know in the comments below what you think.


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