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[Dojeon Team Picks!] Restaurants/Cafes of the Month! (Seoul Edition) [Part 1 - Gabriella]

We are starting a new series featuring our staff and their favorite restaurants/cafes for the month! This month it's me! If you don't know me yet, my name is Gabriella and I am one of the writers here at Dojeon Media! I currently live in Seoul, so the restaurants I have picked will be based around Seoul.

I don't like to use this term, but I guess it's the truth I am a "foodie" and love food to my core (literally). Of course, I want to be a hot girl too, but sometimes the delicious food in front of me just takes over my soul, and the deed is done, I have devoured that delicious plate, savoring every flavor and morsel of food! (Of course, let's keep it balanced team!)

This month's top cafe is,

Drum roll please!

Motown, Songpa-gu

Motown Brunch - Photo by Gabriella

Situated in a quiet little corner in Songpa-gu, Seoul this cafe will not disappoint. Its aesthetic is somewhat simple and minimalist, but its food screams scrumptious. This area is filled with many modern and trendy restaurants and cafes. I visited with a friend recently and we ordered the Ragu Pasta and Chorizo Melt, along with a Vanilla Bean Latte (to die for) and an Apple Omija Ade!

The atmosphere is calm and gentle, most likely due to its location, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the main road. On a snowy day, like recently, the warmth that comes from the food and drink here, make it a very comforting experience.

Fun Fact: It's called Motown because the owner enjoys Motown music.

Address: 서울 송파구 백제고분로45길 34-6 1층 101호

Room 101, 1st floor, 34-6 Baekjegobun-ro 45-gil, Songpa-gu, Seoul

Seoul's culinary scene is unlike any other! If you're interested in food you can read about Seoul Food Week which we covered HERE.

Would you check out Motown? Comment below your thoughts on our cafe of the month!

Stay tuned for our next staff pick next month!


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