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Exploring UNIS' Captivating Rendition of BINI's "Pantropiko"

Updated: Apr 9

In a remarkable display of musical harmony that bridges the vibrant worlds of K-pop and P-pop, the rookie K-pop group UNIS has taken the global music scene by storm with their latest cover!

The K-pop ensemble UNIS recently did a rendition of BINI's popular track "Pantropiko." This remarkable performance was showcased in a video uploaded on 1theK Originals' YouTube channel. UNIS members Gehlee, Elisia,and Seowon, among others, flawlessly executed "Pantropiko" for the channel's "World Wide Cover" segment. Furthermore, they also captivated the audience with their renditions of Karol G and Tiesto's "Contigo" and a composition by the illustrious Beyonce.

The performance by UNIS not only showcased their vocal prowess and adaptability but also highlighted the growing influence of P-pop on the international stage. By choosing to cover "Pantropiko," UNIS has paid homage to the rich musical heritage of the Philippines and the rising popularity of P-pop groups like BINI.

The video, now available on the 1theK Originals' YouTube channel, has garnered significant attention and praise from fans of both K-pop and P-pop. Viewers have expressed their admiration for UNIS's ability to capture the essence of "Pantropiko" while infusing it with their unique style and energy.

Credits to 1theK Originals for the screenshots used. And let us know what you think about their performance.


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