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"Extraordinary Attorney Woo" Star Park Eun Bin Holds First Fan Meeting + Birthday Gifts Galore!

Extraordinary Attorney Woo star Park Eun Bin held her first official fan meeting on September 3, a day before her birthday! The meet-and-greet session titled "Eunbin note: Blank space" took place at Sungshin Women's University’s Woonjung Green Campus in Gangbuk District, northern Seoul. The event sold out 10 seconds after the reservation time started. Thousands queued up to catch a glimpse of the television star.

Park Eun Bin showed off her new hairstyle to hundreds of fans in an auditorium on campus thanking them for attending the event and giving a speech.

*All photos provided by Namoo Actors.

The following day, Park Eun Bin took to Instagram thanking her fans for wishing her a happy birthday! It looked like the actress could have taken a part-time job as a florist as flowers littered all over her pictures!

Eun Bin expressed her gratitude to her fans and promised to release the fan pictures the following day!

Did you watch Extraordinary Attorney Woo? If not, don't worry, we've got you covered with all of the hilarious scenes and content! Make sure to check it out!


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